Taxi Operator License

Taxibetrieb License

The Department for Infrastructure (NI) is the only one that can grant a taxi operator license (TOL). Are you currently or have you ever had a taxi operator license? Evaluating an Applying for a Taxi Operator License The most important thing to consider when you apply for a taxi operator's pass is whether you can perform the job without compromising the general security of the population. When you are not deemed "fit and tidy", your request will be rejected. To be admitted as a taxi operator, you must demonstrate that you are in good shape, or if you are an applicant for a business or partner, you must demonstrate that all the persons making up this business are in good order.

In evaluating your claim, the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) has a range of policies that it must follow to ensure there is a unified view. They are not, however, complete or final and each individual case is treated separately. When communicating with your connected driver via wireless or using a computer-based reservation system, you need a license from Ofcom (Office of Communications).

Probably you need a business indemnity policy and if your surgery center is open to the general public, you also need a business indemnity policy. Compulsory social security is a statutory obligation for most companies and allows companies to pay the cost of compensating and attending to workers who are hurt or become ill through the negligence of the company.

The taxi operator must have a business risk waiver for each publicly available business center which provides for a compensation of at least 5 million for an outing. When you are enrolled for value added tax (VAT), you must attach your Value Added Tax (VAT) enrolment certification to your request, or to a confirmation from HMRC that you have requested value added tax (VAT) enrolment, and then submit the enrolment certification to DVA when HMRC delivers it.

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