One World round the World Ticket Planner

World round the World Ticket Planner for a World Tour

When you book through American Airlines (Oneworld), you can only use its partners. The Oneworld's Round the World airfare is the ticket for the loyal Qantas frequent flyer and those who want to make a longer trip on a flight.


The latest edition of the Around the World Airfare Report includes the pricing of RTW air fares purchased from nine different airlines and each assessed against three criteria: Pricing: How much does it charge? Timeliness of service: How long does it take for you to receive a chargeable quote? This is how high the costs of finding these oneworld Alliance tours are in comparison to other airlines for each of the three tours we are looking for:

This is how the search rate compares to other search firms that we have been looking for. If your itinerary complies with the terms and conditions, you can receive a prize on-line, but we have not been able to evaluate 2 of the 3 options we are looking for. The Oneworld Alliance, like other alliance partners, is simpler and less expensive when it comes to making changes.

Changes to schedules are free, and if you are booking an Oneworld RTW ticket, you must make your first booking of an overseas air ticket with date and everything, but after that it is possible to keep the schedule open. When you have used the Oneworld Alliance to travel around the world, we want to know about you.

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This is a new world around the world ticket : Carrier can modify your ticket at any point, it will not give you any warnings or redirections until you accidentally look at how you are managing my reservation area now. You will then try to get you to foot the bill for a better diversion (i.e. a journey between destinations a and bad with a stopover of 18 hours), but they will give you a journey that works over 2 stopovers lasting 24h.

You then decide for several whole day if you want to validate the ticket or not. In order to pre-book a seat, you must pass through each and every carrier. That " partnership " does not seem to work with today's technologies. Every carrier can modify your ticket. This has nothing to do with One World or an RTW ticket.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and it is finally the passenger's fault to keep up to date with the timetable. Concerning getting through on the telephone, I find that making calls at "odd" times, for example very early in the day, when the telephone wires have just been opened, serves the purpose.

I have a 5 minute delay on my ticket (part of the ticket ) and my agents have sent me an e-mail. I didn't care about BA because of the small changes, but they should at least e-mail me with big changes. BA/AA always contacts my customers, but this is not the case with every other one.

Having posted my return ticket through TRilfinders, I found that they were very useful in helping me keep abreast of any changes. Egypt Air, when they modified my flights so that I was arriving in Jordan in the evening instead of in the mornings, had Egypt Air modify it to another free one.

RTW's flights took place with the then nameless Allianz, as I had to involve Continental Airlines in my stations in Micronesia. The last times my BA plane had a long tech lateness and both my agents and I received e-mails hour before the plane was due to fly. I' ve been booking a lot of RTW and multi-city passes and never had to do anything for the changes.

What I find most annoying, I think, is that after I put you on a very long and repeated journey and you ask for a better one, they won't say yes or no, and it has to be handled by someone else, which lasts several working hours and several telephone conversations.

You don't seem to have a decent system for dealing with it, sure, if there is an allies computer system and they can see that there are fits on the plane then why can't they just trade the modification? Changing the so-called easy ticket is anything but easy. How can I make a reservation for RTW from India?

Hello, "if there is an Allianz computer system and you can see that there are chairs on the aircraft, why can't you just make the changes? "There' s really no "central" system for the coalition... Partly because all airlines in the airline group ''share'' many of their operating schedules with other member airlines, but much of it is still very sensitive information about commercial practices... and in other cases the exchange of such information may subject airlines to possible antitrust remedies, agreements, price-fixing, etc.

Yes, the airline has some antitrust exceptions, but it is by no means a general exception, and much of what airline A does is still very apparent to airline A. As such, other airlines just have a lot of leeway and the capacity to "do" things within or on other airlines' routes - even if that other airline is part of the same airline.

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