Around the World Flight Pass

Surrounding the world flight pass

Is it possible to change the flight data for a round-the-world ticket? As a rule, surface segments are also counted as flight coupons or sectors. Booking and using a Round The World (RTW) flight ticket for backpackers.

Travel around the world - Redeem mileage

Schedule a world tour, grab your pockets and embark on an adventurous journey. Begin your world tour now. Your chosen journey may only be in one destination, east or west, and must end in the land where the journey began. A round-the-world flight must be operated for 12 month from the date of issuance and the last flight must have departed by the last date of expiry.

They can make your journey in a min. of 10 nights and a max. of 12 month with up to 10 stages and 6 stops in each town. There are two ways to make a world tour reservation: What do you need how many leagues to circle the world?

In order to earn mileage, it must be transformed into an award ticket. You must travel through Star Aliance if you do not wish to use your mileage.

Onworld Items

Accessing more than 1,000 locations in 150 nations through the members of the on-eworld Global Expedition via the on-eworld Global Expedition Partner Program, our round-the-world tariffs allow you to easily tour the world. on-eworld or a more diverse distance-based tariff (Global Explorer), our round-the-world tariffs allow you to experience the world' s final round-trip. on-eworld Explorer represents excellent selection, comfort and value, your One-World Explorer tariff is calculated on the number of continents you want to explore or cross.

Your World Explorer rate is calculated on the basis of the overall travel route during your trip. ineworld Circle rates are perfect for travelers who want to travel to more than one continent without actually traveling around the world. No matter whether you travel the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian Ocean frontiers, on-eworld Circle rates provide excellent versatility, comfort and value for you.

The Circle Travel Explorer Travel between Africa, Asia, Europe/Middle East and Australia/New Zealand without having to circumnavigate the world with the Circle Travel Explorer. The Circle Atlantic Fly between Europe/Middle East, North America, Central America and South America with Circle Atlantic one world. Explore the Pacific Ocean bordering Continental Hemisphere Islands, Asia, North America, South America and Australia/New Zealand with Circle Pacific.

The Circle Asia & South West Pacific Take an intercontinental trip through Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and South West Pacific region with Circle Asia & South West Pacific. Accessible to nearly 1,000 Destinations in nearly 150 nations, the on-eworld airline provides you with an unparalleled worldwide flight option ecosystem for one-way, returns and multi-city travel.

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