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Taxi is a four-door limousine taxi that can be found in some way in almost all Grand Theft Auto franchises (with the exceptions of Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and London 1961, which included the London taxi instead, and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, where the Cabbie is the only taxi).

In between GTA III and GTA Vice City Stories, the taxi can be used for taxi side operations. Grand Theft Auto 1 has three taxi models; the Liberty City model is Portsmouth powered, the San Andreas model is Vulture powered, and the Vice City model is Flamer powered.

Grand Theft Auto 2's taxi is similar to an oblong Fiat 500 where the plaid strip crosses the rooftop laterally. Starting with Grand Theft Auto III, the taxi is usually built on the same type as the cop cars from the particular game: GTA III's taxi looks like a junction between a Chevrolet Caprice and Ford Crown Victoria models, although it has shrunk to the dimensions of a small limousine (the Caprice and Crown Victoria were full-fledged limousines).

Smaller versions are available, with more dark coloured fenders and various taxi fires. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has a Ford LTD-like taxi look. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a taxi modelled on the Premier, created after the Chevrolet Caprice 1991-96. In GTA Advance, the taxi has little clue as to which type of automobile it is built on, but is generally more box-shaped in shape than the police van in the series.

However, the cabs in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories are largely the same as the GTA III and GTA Vice City reproductions. GTA Liberty City Stories can be reproduced with either gold, silver, black or grey fenders and two kinds of TAXI tags, a classic one with the lettering on the sides and one with white highlights on the sides and the lettering over.

Compare two available taxis in GTA III with each other. Please notice that the taxi on the right side says "TAKI". Two different taxi limousines exist in Grand Theft Auto IV; one by Declasse from the Merit, the Chevrolet Impala 2000-2005, and the other by Vapid from the Stanier, which was heavily inspired by the Ford Crown Victoria P72 1992-1997, with front-end designs more like a 1998-2011 one.

Whilst the taxis are equipped with taxi beacons as part of the series, there are some with roof advertising for "WTF", "Banging trash Can Lids for an Hour", "Conjoined Twins", "The Science Of Crime" and Weazel News, both of which can come loose in the event of a collision. Each model has a bonnet locket indicating that New York City Taxi is allowed to collect customers; they also have a small pink rear label on the back side.

The Vapid taxis can also have yellows, grays or blacks, similar to the taxis in GTA Liberty City Stories. In GTA IV, gamers can take taxis and taxi trips to destination, which is often a faster option than owning a car. Caution: In the ballad of gay Tony, the use of a taxi during assignments often leads to the challenge of fulfilling that assignment being lifted because you can handle the deadline with a taxi.

Due to their average power, early reproductions of the taxi are generally unwanted. Although they differ between towns and are partly muscular vehicle driven, GTA 1 cabs are generally slower, but are balanced by good direction. With GTA 2 the opposite is the case, with modest speeds, but lazy control, worse than with Taxi Xpress.

Every taxi in GTA 1 has a low basic value of $2,000, while the taxi in GTA 2 deals double damages to the players while smashing. Though the taxi's look and feel may vary greatly between GTA III and GTA Vice City Stories, the taxi's overall performances in these matches can be described as an all-round one.

The taxi is generally an agreeable car to ride, with medium speeds, medium accelerations, lightweight design, medium stamina, competent driving and steady curves (all of which are useful in taxi driving). GTA III version of the taxi has almost the same driving characteristics as the Kuruma. The taxi, however, does not have the stiffness of the Kuruma's springs and high unladen mass.

GTA San Andreas version of the taxi has an accelerating rate of 97 km/h (0-60 mph) of only 5.4 seconds and a top velocity of 144 km/h (89 mph). GTA IV has two taxi types. Declasse Merit-based taxi in the GTA IV is driven by a 6 V, linked to a 5-speed transmission in an RWD system.

This Vapid Stanier-based taxi is driven by a 4. 6 litre 6 litre RWD version RWD cab drive linked to a 5-speed transmission. The brakes and springs are very good, the same as on the Police Cruiser; default is to use ABS, and the springs take curves lightly and smooth the rough Liberty City Road.

GTA V taxi is built on the second Stanier series. At GTA San Andreas, the taxi is one of only a few official cars that can be individually adapted in a modifications shop, especially at TransFender. Cab's modifications are limited and almost the same as the Premier's modifications on which the taxi is built (the only non-available one is the roofage options, which probably collide with the taxi's roofage sign).

Some of the taxis in the range are set to specific transmitters. Taxis in GTA Vice City have blank patches on the windscreen due to an incorrect application of the vehicle's reflective card. Taxis can barely be spawned in GTA III and GTA Vice City without their light on top.

The taxi lights in GTA IV can be interrupted by shocks. GTA III: The players get $25 after stealing a taxi. Taxidrivers have a tendency to be vindictive, to leave their car and to attack the players if they cause taxi damages; they can drag the players out of their own cars or distribute blows if they hit the players on feet.

Strangely enough, they sometimes drag the players out of the cars and then say something before they run back to their taxi and leave. GTA IV Taxi initially had a dark version, as can be seen in Vladimir Glebov's pendant. GTA Vice City displays the taxi's meta structure when viewed from a distance.

GTA IV most taxi riders are men, but you can usually find a taxi rider in Hove Beach, Broker. GTA IV taxis Vapid, Declasse and Schyster have three different taxis which differ in tone height, some with high, middle and low taxis. Sometimes a disturbance occurs when a taxi is parked in a car park and after a while the horn changes whether it has been used or not, such as for example a noisy and sound horn that changes to a high, faint horn for no obvious reasons.

Under GTA IV, when a taxi is hit at a sufficient velocity, the taxi rider dies more readily than when another vehicle is hit. In GTA IV, most taxi riders as well as most taxi riders understand English. When a taxi man is detained with a gun, he can say, "I'm Hellenic, you know".

An early Vapid taxi on the Algonquin Bridge can be seen in the first Grand Theft Auto IV trailers. GTA IV still has the taxi plate reacting as if it were appropriate when it is aborted by a taxi. As soon as the driver switches off the motor, the advertising lights go out and switch on again when the driver gets back in the taxi.

When in GTA IV a taxi is placed in a car park with the "on hire/duty" lamps on the plates, they sometimes spat off or accidentally. downtown District, Anywhere City. Car park in front of Mean Street Taxis, Trenton, Portland. Declasse Merit Taxi can sometimes be used on Asparagus Avenue in front of LTA headquarters, Vapid Taxi is located in an avenue near Manganese Road and Burlesque in Star Junction, Algonquin.

Taxi's are the most frequently spawned in Liberty Town and are particularly frequent in downtown, Broker, Francis International Airport and throughout Algonquin, particularly in the Triangle and Star Junction, where taxi's make up the bulk of roads. In particular, cabs will rare breed in the east dukes and north Alderney and will never breed in Acter l'Industrial Park (Alderney) and parts of Bohan.

The London cabin, the UK counterpart to Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and London 1961. Taxicab Xpress, another taxi seen in Grand Theft Auto 2, Cabbie, the older GTA III type check- cabin-like counterpart. Cabby, a mini van taxi seen in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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