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  • Kids are NOT legally obliged to use a motor home if they are traveling in a licenced taxi or mini cab (private rental car). - Kids under the age of three MUST take a taxi or mini cab on the back if they do not have a passenger compartment. - Kids over the age of three MUST use an adults safety harness in a taxi or mini cab if they do not have a passenger safety chair.

Journeys in other vehicles: - Children under the age of three should sit on a comfortable automobile-seat for the child's body mass and should not be allowed to ride in a non-seated automobile. - Children over the age of three should always use the appropriate auto seats for them until they are 12 years old (or 135 cm tall), but should be able to drive in a carrier with an adults seatbelt if there is no room for a auto seat if ( because others are fitted) it is a necessary or unanticipated trip, no auto seats are available and it is a trip of limited duration.

At GTA Taxis Ltd we encourage kids traveling in one of our cars to use a suitable vehicle seating system wherever possible. We do not offer automobile seating for traveling with us to kids, although we are pleased to allow the use of automobile seating. Whatever the parent's ages or whether you have a baby on your lap/seat, we cannot allow the number of passenger to surpass the maximum vehicle seating space.

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And Guildford is a big city in Surrey in the southeast of England. Walking along the paved main road you can see many houses that are centuries old. Used by the King of England in the 1400' s, the mediaeval palace is the only kingly city in Surrey.

As Guildford has grown into a large city, it is about halfway between England's major marina at Portsmouth and the Greenwichdmiralty in London. Travellers between the two in a horse-drawn coach stop at Guildford restaurants (such as The Angel and The Lion) to exchange ponies and cool off.

Guildford was no longer needed for this reason with the emergence of the 19 th centuries and became a ruin. However, as more and more commuters commuted to work in London at the beginning of the twentieth millennium, Guildford became richer and richer.

The Guildford is the Surrey district, but not the administration center (this is Kingston-upon-Thames, which is actually located in a London district). This is the commercial and intercultural center of West Surrey. Guildford, although less than 30 nautical miles from central London, has its own unique character and is not comparable to districts in London or other cities in Surrey.

And Guildford is a big city with all the conveniences of a city. There are many buses to Guildford from Woking, Aldershot, Goodalming and other places. Central Railway Terminal, which is the final stop for all lines to Guildford, is located on Commercial Road (at the end of North Street).

There are several parking lots in Guildford, and on weekends they are the best way to get to the city center. You are in Artington (on Portsmouth Rd towards Goalalming, just over a kilometre southern of Guildford), Ladymead Retail Park (at the back of the Cornhill Insurance Building) and the Spectrum Leisure Complex.

In all three locations, there is no charge for free use of the lot and you only need to buy the price of the coach to get to the heart of the downtown area, which is 1.20 for a commute. The Artington busses run every 12 minutes from Monday to Saturday from 19:30-19:30. The Parks and Rides system is good for the environment and allows the municipality to remain free of traffic jams!

And Guildford is well serviced by London's fleet of highways. The most comfortable (in reduced order of convenience) are for travelers who come directly to Guildford: Heathrow[ 9 ] is about 40 min driving time along the highway M25 and the A3. Guildford has a through railway from a railway depot in the international departure point that runs twice an hours and takes less than an hours.

The Guildford Central Railway Terminal is serviced by local and local trains from many different destinations, among them two to London (one quickly via Woking, the other slowly via Cobham). The Guildford route also runs from reading to Gatwick Airport, with links from read to Oxford and Birmingham and from Gatwick to Brighton and Kent.

Coming from London, you should get off at London Waterloo and take a first stop Woking Guildford Express service (there are several per hour), which takes about 35mins. Also, there are a few Portsmouth tied services that run non-stop to Guildford.

We have a smaller stop named London Road (Guildford), which is the next to last stop on the London line via Cobham. Guildford is served by National Express[13] UK English:coach from all over the UK; advance ticket issuance is required. Please be aware that they operate a stop named Guildford Park Barn, which is located near a Tesco grocery store.

There is a need to take a shuttle or taxi (if available) to take you to Guildford. The A3, which travels from London to Portsmouth, serves Guildford. It' s about an hour's driving from downtown London. For those of you who spend the afternoon by private vehicle, the Park & Ride facility at Spectrum Recreation Centre is located directly south of the A3, or on Old Portsmouth Rd in Artington (on the way to Godalming), from where you can take the special fast service buss.

Guildford's main area is within easy walking distance but hills. Coming from the train yard you have to go across the Wey to get to the city center and the coach yard. Not only do busses offer a great way to explore the heart of Guildford itself, but they are also suitable for the locals.

Though there is a free coach that circumnavigates the city center three hours a day, it is often growling in crowded streets and usually, if you can, can be reached faster on foot. Taxi rides are by far the most costly way to explore Guildford. There are taxi stands at the front of the station and at the end of North Street on the other side of the street from the Electric Theatre.

There are also taxi services available from various places in the center of the center. As an alternative, you can book a taxi by telephone and it is usually collected from most places within 5 miles of the downtown area. Although not as terrible as London or Oxford, the streets of Guildford can be very crowded at busy times.

Particularly if you are not used to riding on the leftside, it is probably best to avoid Guildford centrally. When you plan to visit or explore outside Guildford, you will probably want to get a proper local Map of the area. They should make sure that each card you purchase clearly shows the network' s national references line and tells how to use it, as network referencing is often used to indicate sites outside the city.

Covering the area around and between Guildford and Aldershot at a 1:50000 resolution, this is the best way to explore the area by road or bicycle. Covering the area around Guildford at a 1:25000 resolution, this is an ideal hiking area. They are available at any good Guildford bookstore (see the "Buy" section below) or can be purchased on-line at [20].

Abbot's Hospital, High Street, Guildford. 22 ] 1619 by the Guildford Archbishop of Canterbury George Abbot as a old people's home for the aged. Writer, philosopher, mathematician as well as geographer Lewis Carroll (born 1832) stayed in Guildford until his demise in 1898. Come and see Lewis Caroll's chestnut home on Castle Hill in the center.

Please see Guided Tours of Guildford. Guildhall, High Street, Guildford. The Guildford Museum, Quarry Street, Guildford. Charlotteville, Guildford. The Chapel of St. Catherine's Chapel wrecked the monastery a brief stroll along the banks of the water from the center of Guildford. This is the channel that meanders through Guildford until it arrives at the Thames at Weybridge.

The Dapdune Wharf headquarters is of particular interest, but just seated at the sluices near the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre observing channel craft is very tranquil and gives a glimpse of what the Wey once was - a bustling industry passage linking Guildford and Surrey's industry to the country - and you might even help open the sluices for the craft!

"Hinemihi" in Clandon Park. In Guildford there are also many interesting things to see: The Clandon Park (National Trust),[24]. The Hatchlands Park (National Trust),[26]. Located on the south side of the North Downs, it offers a stunning view over Surrey and many hiking opportunities. A 10 minute ride from the center of Guildford.

The Watts Gallery and the extraordinary Watts Chapel on the A3 motorway just south of Guildiford, near Compton, are well well worth a stop to view the handcrafted houses. Guildford Boathouse is situated at the rear of Millmead's short-stay multi-storey parking on Shalford Road.

Guildford has many hikes around the North Downs, the North Downs Way included, leading from Farnham (eight nautical miles westwards of Guildford) to Folkstone, about 80 nautical miles out. The Pewly Down and The Chantries, located southeast of the city center, provide a wallpaper transition. Guest festival[32] - 3-day annual festivals of rocks and poppies held at Stoke Park on 4, 5 and 6 July.

The Guildford Book Festival[33] - Guildford Book Festivals - 2009 from 16 th to 25 th October with signatures, lectures, plays, etc. The Guildford International Music Fest - A two-year event (2005, 2007, 2009 etc.) with many performances over 2-3 week periods. Styles are diverse and the event will bring high level professionals to the city.

Not in Guildford (10 mile away in Farnborough), but this biannual air show is well worth it. The Guildford Adult Education Center, Sydenham Road, ph: There' s a government-run Jobcentreplus[36] on the corners of Onslow Street and York Road, near the police station. Guildford, sometimes considered one of the leading southern retail locations, is the most important mall in West Surrey - perhaps the entire province - with most of its stores in a fairly small area on and around High Street and parallel North Street.

Though there are several commercial centres, the famous and attractively paved High Street has stayed the centre of Guildford's commercial area, unlike many of England's contemporary cities. Here, on High Street and North Street, you'll find the best stores and the best shoppers.

As well as the stores and shopping centres on North Street and High Street, every Friday and Saturday there is a periodic outdoor supermarket along North Street offering a wide range of goods that include local produce such as grilled meats, seafood, fruit, freshly milled coffees, cheeses, olives, veg, flower, pet foods, baggage, bedding, carpets, handbags, handcloths, jewelry, clothing, maps, woodcarvings, CD's and photo framing.

Guildford's Leapale Road and Castle multi-storey cars are within easy reach of the open air open on Fridays and Saturdays during regular North Streets opening in Guildford. There' also a Farmers Merc on High Streets, usually on the first Tuesday of the week. Periods may change during the Guilford Summer Festivals, where fairs, handicraft and craft fairs line the main road for several week.

Guildford is home to all the major UK banking and home loan and savings institutions, most of which are located at the east end of High Street. Bureaux De Change offers many currency exchange service throughout the city, including the postal service, which offers commission-free exchange options. The Guildford is becoming a small ecosystem of places to eat with many different topics that appeal to different people.

Olivio, 53 Quarry St, ph: Hidden away from the main road and difficult to find if you are not a frequent user of the city. Hole Fyne, Centenary Hall Chapel St, ph: A part of a nationwide restaurant network - located in a classical restaurant in a prime location in the city.

Shardana, Bakers Yard, High Street, Ph: Côte Bistro, 35 Castle Street, ph: Matahari, 10 Chapel Street, ph: The best Curry home in the city. 2 North St. Renowned American restaurant chains. There are a number of formal wineries and cafés in the city center on Bridge Street (between The Friary mall and the train station).

Mambo Onslow Street Beach. Tickling ivory Onslow Street. Up or near High Street: 176 Joe Clarks High Street, ph: Tudor Lounge 144 High Street, ph: 169 High Street, ph: 444 1483 574310. historical city economy re-named The Three Pigeons in 2009. 55 3 Milkhouse Gate (directly on High Street, near Sainsburys), ph:

Leapale Road (opposite the Leapale Road multi-storey car park). 52 The King's Head Quarry Street, ph: Robin Hood Sydenham Road, +44 1483 888307. Directly behind the High Street, a "real" beer, good beers, great nice athmosphere, lunch and dinner with a new menue and a popular sunday roast, which causes a sensation!

Tucked away behind the top of High Streets, a traditionally British public house that serves a variety of genuine ales and imports. Guildford Tup, 46 Chertsey St, ph: 441 483 562441. Near York Road multi-storey car park. Everybody Bar One, 16-17 North St, Ph: Lately renovated in a fairly centrally located area, near the bus station and taxi stand.

White House, 8 High Street, ph: George Abbot, 7-11 High Street, Ph: Boatswain, Millbrook, Guildford. The hotel is just a brief stroll outside the city near the Yvonne Arnold Theatre, a beautiful outdoor decking that extends directly by the riverside (railings are now placed at the ledge for security reasons).

The Olde Ship Inn, St Catherines, Portsmouth Road. The oldest Guildford pub is located next to the College of Law. Angel, on the main street. It' costly to swallow here, but it keeps young people away and makes it one of the few places in downtown Guildford where you can get a peaceful one!

White Hart, White Hart Lane, Wood Street (3 nautical miles outside Guildford) is a friendly classic British beer bar that serves high class indigenous beers in a very appealing environment. Worplesdon Road, 1 st from Guildford. Guildford residents generally see this as an area that is overseen by Guildford's growing number of students.

Recently also known as Guildford's Latino Quarter, as more and more dances and Salsa events are opened there. Stoke 103 Stoke Road teaches every Thursday courses including Cuban and Cross Body On 1 and Rueda. Prince Albert 85 Stoke Road, which currently offers a choice of £2 off public dinners, the Casino, Onslow St. Guildford's Main Event night club.

Beacon, Bridge Street. Called Guildford's leading location for contemporary music. Guildford's Guildford Alive Music Venue for the greatest talents The ACM, Guildford and the area have to boast. The Blanes Court Hotel, 4 Albury Rd, Guildford, ph: Angel Posting House and Livery, High Street, tél : Guildford Hotel, 253 High St, ph:

Starting at £57. Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Guildford/Leatherhead, E Horsley, ph: Mando Hotel, 36-40 London Rd, ph: Edwardian Radisson, 3 Alexandra Terrace, High Street, ph: Guildford's prefix (for fixed numbers) is 01483 if you dial from the UK or +441483 from outside the UK. Mobile phone penetration is generally good within the urban area and the area.

As an alternative, there are many WiFi hotspots in and around Guildford and WiFinder[59] has a registry. High Street, Caffe Nero. The Guildford-Bibliothek, 77 North Street (above on North Street), ph: 45 min by train/car, with many touristic sights and activities. The Farnham Ancient Historic Market Town is about 15 min by train/car from the Guildford Centre.

The Windsor Fabulous King's Fortress, which the Queen still uses today, and very appealing city. The last event in the city hall was the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla. Guildford has three very good amusement parks, all just 45 min by car from Guildford: A great amusement park and animal sanctuary for children and younger teens.

A good amusement park for younger kids, with fewer attractions, although there are many legos. At the Thorpe Parc directly at the M25, junction 12[65] The big amusement garden in the south! Throrpe is directly oriented towards adrenalin junkie (although there are many amusement parks that fit others!) and is well well worth a stop.

According to Eve Prime Retail Survey, 2004, Guildford is the most secure and appealing retail outlet in the UK. A large part of the city center is covered 24 hour a days by CCTV cams.

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