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Water Taxi Alaska

The Alaska is a huge place full of experiences, which certainly contributes to mysticism. Wassertaxi & Kayak transports. To find wilderness can mean a water taxi. Whilst we are primarily a sea kayak management team, we often operate water taxis for all types of parties.

Water Taxi Alaska | Great Water Taxi Operators Around Alaska

You should never stop your adventures when the street ends, especially in Alaska, where so much of the state is only accessible by air or canoe. The water taxi is an economical way to get into the wild. Let us drop you off in secluded huts, footpaths and small town. What are you doing using a water taxi?

Caine Help Center County You can walk this path all the way if you watch the tide, but you can also take a water taxi to Caine Help Center County. Caine had been the site of Fort McGilvray during the Second World War. It is now deserted and you can discover the shelters that once guarded this path (tip: take a torch with you!).

Set off on a full days walk or hire one of the two State Park huts, Derby Cove and Callisto Canyon, andvernight. For a water taxi trip, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Seward Ocean Excursions. 25 Mile Hiking Paths are waiting to be discovered directly opposite Homer, Alaska.

Get into a water taxi and let yourself be set down on a trailerhead. View all of Kachemak's favorite state park trailers. It is a small village opposite the cove of homer with promenades, a sleepy harbour and roads that see more pedestrian than vehicular transport. Wrap up a lunch and enjoy the afternoons on the beaches combed, hiked or angled.

Haines Skagway fast Ferry provides a 45-minute drive between the two cities. An Alaska Inside Passage Cruise that only moors in Seward will allow you to stay in Haines for some while. Or if you go to one city, you can take the high-speed boat to the other.

This would be a 7+ hours trip up to Canada and back to Alaska without the boat!

Kenai Fjords National Park (U.S. National Park Service) - Water Taxis

The Alaska is a vast place full of varied experience, which certainly contributes to mysticism. Most of the reserve is only accessible by water, but organising a kayak ride or a tour can be logistical work. The Bear Glacier Lagoon is over 15 nautical miles away and a journey of over 30 nautical miles is necessary just to get to Cape Aialik, let alone see the ice.

Canoeing into the reserve directly from Seward is not advisable. Long-distance, unexplored coastlines between Callisto Head and the Aialik Cape, and the water around the Cape can be dangerous. A tour with a tour leader is highly advisable for those kayaking who are not familiar with the chilly, demanding seas of the Alaskan coast.

The majority of those who plan their own trips reach the parks by water taxi or charters from Seward and get off at Aialik Bay, Northwestern Lagoon or Bear Glacier Lagoon. The majority of water taxi owners can also help with the drop-off/pick-up aspect of route scheduling. Whilst most industrial companies working in the reserve require a ZBV, many water taxi service providers actually work outside the reserve limits (i.e. below the medium wedding limit), so they do not require ZBV.

These water taxis, which operate from Seward, offer direct entry to many areas of the parks or Resurrection Bay.

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