Halibut Cove Water Taxi

Heilbutt-Bay Water Taxi

The Bay Roamers Water Taxi offers service to and from Homer, Kachemak Bay State Park, Halibut Bay and other destinations. The Bay Roamers Water Taxi, Halibut Bay, Alaska. The Kachemak Bay water taxi is located in Heilbutt-Bay, Alaska. About the Halibut Bay, Alaska, including parks, maps, attractions, travel tips, pictures and videos. Saltry Restaurant, Halibut Bay, AK.

Water Taxi Kachemak Bay Homer Alaska and Halibut Bay AK

The Bay Roamers Water Taxi provides taxi to and from Homer, Kachemak Bay State park, Halibut Bay and other destinations: Gletscherspuck - Saddle Trail - Halibut Cove Lagoon - Other parks, just ask. Come and see some of the small bays along South Side Kachemak Bay, observe the otter, game, birdlife, see our area from the closed cab of our 28' water taxi, or the decks.

For those of you with limited leisure options and in search of adventure, you may want to take a walk through the Kachemak bay in Kachemak State Park, tour Halibut Cove and dine in Saltry. We' ve got the parcel for you, we call it "The Heibut Cove Triangle. From Homer Dodge, take a taxi to the Glacier Spit/Saddle trail, where you can make your way to Glacier Lake.

Once you have completed your walk, we will collect you from the Sattelpfad and take you to Heilbuttbucht, where you will be taken to the Saltry Restaurant. Once you have seen and eaten Halibut Bay, you will go back to Homer at 21:00. For our Cove Country Cabins Bay Roamers Water Taxi accommodation we will take you to our jetty.

Tomorrow's review of Homer's returns is at 10:00 on Danny J. It's simple and effective, just call us and we'll make all the arrangements. It' s just a matter of a few minutes. Accompanied kayaking in Peterson Bay, walking in State Parks, visiting Halibut Bay and dinner at Saltry Restaurant.

Leaving Homer Wharf with "St. Augustine's Karayak Tours" they make their beloved led half-day kayaking tour in Petersen Bay. Once there, the Bay Roamers Water Taxi picks you up from Peterson Bay Wharf and picks you up at Glacier Spit/Saddle Trail Head, where you can walk up the path to Glacier Lake.

Once you have completed your walk, we will collect you from the top of the Saddle Trail, take you to Halibut Bay and take you to the Saltry Restaurant. At the end of the evening meal you will take the 21h Danny J boat back to Homer. Those who want to stay the whole day in the halibut bay would have to go back to Homer in the early hours of your trip.

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