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Training Ifr

One good question you should ask yourself before starting instrument training is why you want this assessment. It is our self-controlled IFR training for pilots who want to extend their pilot license by an instrument evaluation. Are you thinking about your IFR training?

The IFR Training - A.F.I.T.

The programme is aimed at the busier pilots who want to reach their ratings in a few working day and not over a period of 9m. All our coaches are 100% dedicated to your timetable, i.e. if you want to begin at 5:00 or 12:00 depending on what suits your timetable for that particular date or dates.

The training units can be set up at will throughout the whole workday. Above all, our sucess is due to the excellent work of our instrument flying teachers. Each of our IFR trainers is an IFR veteran with an experience of 10,000 flying and 5000 flying hour each. There will be an trainer who is fully committed to you and your timetable.

Every customer is questioned before the training in order to adapt the course to his needs. Often we find that the course can take less time, which saves you money. You pay a bonus to study with one of the best seniors in the nation and get the most appropriate and useful training available today.

Obsolete handheld simulation technologies used by some training facilities reinforce our conviction that real flight situations are not reproducible. However, the economies achieved with a handheld flight simulation just can't match the real flight times under ATC controls. Should the completion of the course require further training, no further training costs will be incurred (for one extra day).

The training programme is organised and simple. We see a number of encouraging signs that our customers are relying more on the latest technology in the field of aviation and insisting on effective training without the use of simulation. Well, we don't think there's a replacement for the real thing. This course comprises 8 to 10 lessons per week, split into flying times and rooms/classrooms.

Their training is built on a module of teaching in an organised way. Not only are you skilled in meeting PTS standards, you are also a competent instrument pilot. They will be instructed in the latest technologies of aviation electronics, GPS, KIS, MFD, glass, etc. on board your plane.

They will be instructed to master all the electronics in your plane and all backups. Wherever possible, you will be instructed under the current IMC terms. It is important to us to experience the real IFR during training to ensure that you actually comprehend the real IFR. The tester is installed and the trip is checked for the end of your training.

The order is not complete until you have received your instrument ticket. "During the first few training sessions we will meet with the inspector, then, if possible, we will plan the verbal part for the night of the ninth training session, and then we will plan the control drive in the early hours of the 10th training session after a control drive with the inspector to make sure that the training is in your head and that you are well equipped for the control drive.

" There will be no question before our trainer will leave you that you will be able to cope with any situations that arise in the sky. Not only do we coach you to survive your flight, but you are also assessed every single moment in the field of aerobatics and floor training. When you practice with Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training®, you are assured that you will not only survive your flight, but also become a confident, competent and safe IFR pilot.

So far as we know, we are the only serious flying school that really does guarantee its classes. Well, we don't think there's a replacement for the real thing. Handheld simulation can be useful in real life, but not for the instrument itself. Several AFIT Accelerated Instrument & Fly Training student begin their training elsewhere, but never complete it.

This course is developed to help you get your training done quickly, often in just one week-end. Like our other programmes, our Finish-Up course will prepare a training plan for you in advance and then work with you at your site to your satisfaction. This course is effective and succesful as we continuously assess our drivers during the briefing so that we can adapt each programme so that drivers can quickly conclude their training.

You will not be billed for unused training time if you take your course in fewer than the number of training hours specified. Every customer has unique needs, so the number of training sessions needed to finish their training varies according to prior training experiences, training and flight electronics on the boat. RT fare for the trainer.

The customer provides a place for our trainer (the customer makes a booking in a tidy and secure hostel he knows). The customer provides on-site transport for our trainer, an optional private vehicle in the hostal, or a hire vehicle. Before commencing training, your trainer must be included in the client's aviation policy as an additionally covered person when using your aeroplane.

There are no transport charges for the trainer when training at one of our sites. You will not be billed for unused course time if you finish your course in less than 10 working day. 00 Money transfer will confirm your location on time. Residual payment is due 10 workingdays before the start of the programme.

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