Flight Booking Offers for International

Booking offers for international flights

Take advantage of our international flight offers. Further international flight offers can be found here. The Ezeego1 International Flight Booking Quote If the ICICI Gateways have failed or if the Gateways have function problems with reciprocal agreement, the Allies may use another Gateways for the above-Promotions. Also, Network Partners to make sure that the website is not powered down or powered down during the promotional time frame as specified above. "The " offering period" means the commencement date from 1 April 2016 to 30 June 2018 including both dates.

"Products/Services " means the goods/benefits/facilities provided by the Alliance Partner. Any capitalised words used but not herein specified shall have the meaning given to them in the General Conditions. The present conditions ("Conditions") shall apply in supplement to and not deviate from the General Conditions.

In the event of any discrepancy between these conditions and the General Conditions, these conditions shall take precedence. Quotation is non-transferable, non-binding and irrecoverable. Indians only are entitled to this service. Quotation applies only to ticket bookings made on ex-India origin flight. Ticket bookings on code-share flight (4-digit flight numbers, e.g. 9W-1234) are excluded from the package.

Reservations must be made on-line on our website www.ezeego1.co. under or by phoning our quotation specialist at 1800 209 0800 (toll free) or 098675 65900 (GSM). In order to use the service, please type "EZFLIGHTS" in the "Promo-Code" section of the payments page and confirm. Notice - the validity of the promotional codes does not grant a refund, the requirements must be fulfilled.

Reimbursement will be credited to your credit or debit transfer within 7 working days of booking. Amount will be shown on your credit or debit cards within 3-14 working day from the date of payment according to the type of banking. Package available for adults and children only. Booking of infants is not subject to this special rate.

Cancelation fees / date changes will be imposed according to the carrier's regulations for all fares bought through this offer. In addition to the alteration and cancelation fees charged by the carriers, ezeego1 calculates the resulting maintenance fees and a processing commission of 750/- per fare and per passenger for all alterations / cancelations.

During the promotional season, Ezeego1 retains the right to include or remove an air carrier from the offering. The Ezeego1 does not assume any warranty or liability for products or services of airlines that are not under the Ezeego1 controls. Any dispute relating to the offering shall be submitted to the Mumbai High Court.

Indian law applies to the offering. The Ezeego1 company has the right to modify or cancel the service at any moment in its management's judgment. General conditions of this campaign are liable to be changed without previous announcement. You may not combine this offering with any other offering currently available on for the same product on www.ezeego1.com.

Ezeego1 and its affiliates do not have access to this offering. Please contact our quotation specialist at 1800 209 0800 (toll free) or 098675 65900 (GSM) if you have any questions about the General Business Rules. Likewise, the Allianz affiliate will only address this issue up to 15 business days after the date of the transaction/purchase.

It is not available wherever it is forbidden and / or on goods / goods / service for which such program cannot be provided for any purpose. It is not available where it is forbidden and / or for goods / service for which such offers cannot be made available for any purpose.

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