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Drivers Gta5 Taxi ai Challenge

The IGN tries the Taxi Driver AI Challenge in Grand Theft Auto 5, a challenge you won't have direct control over, but you'll love it that way. TAXI DRIVERS A.I. CHALLENGE! Results for Taxi ai Challenge Videos.

I. G. N. tries the Taxi Driver AI Challenge in Grand Theft Auto 5.

5 taxi driver GTA KI Challenge

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The GTA player tries to outlive the worst taxi drivers of all time.

Funny fact: Riders in GTA are kind of horrible. Imaginative gamers have chosen to use GTA's bad drive AI for entertainment, resulting in a unique kind of mini-game that is very enjoyable to see. Like 1859 described in this Reddit Mail, the way the mini-game works is, you have to tell the taxi driver to take this route:

Whatever the cause, the taxi driver will always adjust the itinerary in this way: It'?s a very perilous itinerary. Of course you have to tell your driver to be careful: And then hopefully to the Lord that you make it through this rough ride: Genuine entertainment: There is a very small chances that you will live the trip or reach your goal.

It' surprising how the riders try. Featuring CSAL, a very filmic interpretation of the challenge of taxiing. This driver is not only clearly unable to master the area, he also pulls over and runs over a few persons on the way. I love how the driver pauses for the passing animal only to leave a rock.

Oh, I really like that cab driver talking crap about other guys going south. Did you try this challenge? Have you survived?

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If you keep ringing a cab in 5-3-3, what happens? I would like to help me reaching 10000 users by click here http://goo. gl/i6zScv PLEASE.... I. G. N. tries the Taxi Driver AI Challenge in Grand Theft Auto 5. Join the IGN Plays Channel: .... The AH crews created Crazy Taxi with some specific optimizations in our upcoming IGN Plays Channel project!

FIRST up to see early episodes: .... Crazy Taxi? A crazy cab? A crazy cab? Game Link: http://www.rockstargames. com/V/ End theme supported by the unbelievable Dan Bull: .... Taxi side missions are back, but with a few surprise. And I liked to make this tape because it took me less than 30 min from beginning to end, and it took.....

GTA 5 Taxi Driver Challenge, so here it is in all its splendor. <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents I found this GTA 5 video with the taxi Marseillais with Russian voices and did not find the same excerpt in the Russian versions.....

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Be a Cab Driver in GTA 5 If you enjoy this movie, click the Like Buttons and subscribe to more GTA 5 videos. ACDCrp - #59 - Crazy Taxi: Hopefully you liked this clip :) I will challenge the TAXI bow in this GTA V movie, which is to achieve the goal, although....

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Is the cab driver gonna find his way out or not? The GTA 5 Online - Taxi A.I. Challenge | PC | 5/16/15 | BJ's PoV This meeting was organized on http://www.nextgengta. com Join the Forum if.... Gran Theft Auto V - Taxi Work #3. https://www.facebook. Curtam a page do channel no Facebook :) https://www.facebook.

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