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Hello taxis, St. Helens. Hailo is furious with dark taxis when they were raging down the street - The Register

Hailo, the London-based cab-App that previously only worked with black-licensed taxis, found itself in the eyes of the tempest after the taxis started a string of assaults on their cars and facilities after deciding to work with personal mini cabs. Hailos Fahrzeugb├╝ro on Bermondsey was the focus of an emotive demonstration at the beginning of this weeks.

Cabins decorated with the Hailo emblem were also attacked by taxidrivers furious at the move to expand their service to include privately-owned landlords, the "sworn enemies" of Hackney cabinists. Headquartered in Somerset House, Hailo runs a building on Bermondsey. Tuesday The Reg understood that a group of dark taxidrivers "talked" to the Hailo owner's in Bermondsey offices in front of a large taxide shed.

On Bermondsey, we talked to cab riders who felt "disgusted" about Hailo's move to expand their service to include personal rental cars. "Now they have gone and sign our vowed foes, the individuals," one chauffeur said to us.

"Thought Hailo would help us take over some of the privately owned rental companies like Addison Lee, but they've just moved to the other side. "We see dark cabmen taking on other guys in the same business," another said. The Hailo was founded by three cabmen to take over landlords.

London taxi driver blacks must undergo a rigorous test on the city's road structure known as "the knowledge", usually involving several years of education, which is not the case for individuals ("minicab"). Negro taxi riders protect their prerogatives from toll rides and are permitted to collect spontaneous rides from the streets with jealousy, and it is widely believed that they make much more cash than mini car riders normally do.

A Hailo taxicab was thrown with balls and the riders now worry about their security if they identify themselves with Hailo in a visible way.

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