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pilot aircraft

This channeled fan engine looks, sounds and functions like a real engine. Videotape: Deutscher Pilot constructs jet-powered model R/C airplane, which travels at almost 750 km/h. Niels Herbrich, the official aeroplane driver from Germany, broke the official RC model RC fastest ever, after his manual work reached an unbelievable 749,221 km/h (465,544 mph). Together with Christoph Meier and Tunc Uzun, the 47-year-old designer and enthusiast Christoph Meier and Tunc Uzun created and constructed a brilliant rose model aircraft fitted with a Behotec 180 turbojet and fuelled by jet fuel.

Attempts to set the records took place at an annually held model aircraft fan conference in Rothernburg. Aeroplane specialists were on site to follow the flights, recording the speeds with the help of high-tech camerawork. This model was a revised RC aircraft with which Niels already set the fastest pace in 2013 at 706.97 km/h (439.29 mph).

Pilots latest test is an amazing 42.251 km/h quicker than this!

World' s largest remote-controlled model airplane on a scale of 1:1

When you' re a big admirer of drone engines and remotes, get yourself set to see the biggest RC jet in the game. It is a L-39 Albatros model jet and it is as stunning as the original. He has a span of 3.5 metres and is constructed in 1:2.7 ratio to the Albatross jet itself.

Whereas the airplane looks impressing on screen, in fact it is even more so.

Aircraft jet sets

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