Maxi Cab Advance Booking

Deluxe cabin advance booking

To avoid unnecessary delays on their travels, we recommend that our customers book in advance. Please fill in the "online booking form" for advance booking. pre-booking Therefore the advance booking is the right option, which makes the planning of your journey much simpler. Visitors to the cab booths have a large number of queue passengers. Advance ordering saves you the extra effort of exceeding the quantity.

The advance sale is an act of pre-booking by ordering the use of taxes or motorized vehicles, either daily or weekly, before the precise date or hour you need it.

What is the reason for booking in advance? Now, the advance sale undoubtedly provides many great advantages, especially to save your precious moments and prevent trouble. The advance booking is obligatory and must be made at least one (1) days in advance to plan the wait for our drivers. Don't be afraid, there is no booking charge! To make an immediate bank transfer call us now at +65 6535 3534 or send an e-mail to

Please visit our website directly at Singapore Limousine Transport for web bookings.

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Asked for a Maxicab for us and the prices are set from SGD50-65 point to point. I was told by a boyfriend to try Grab (6-seater) or Uber (XL). As I needed a dependable internet link the next morning after our arrival Singtel (SGD 15) gave me a prepaid tourist SIM in a shopping centre.

The value of the phone is good for 5 day with 4 GB, 500 phone calls, 30 minutes of calling internationally to anywhere and 100 phone text messages.

<font color="#ffff00">Singapore Cab Booking Services <font color="#ffff00">Maxi Cab Booking in 15 minutes!

When you want dependable, secure and high value transportation in Singapore, there is only one name to consider: SG Maxi Cab Singapore. ACRA (Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority) has also accredited us, which shows that we are real and real players in the transportation world. This is a serious and serious travel agency and we offer high value transportation solutions at reasonable prices to all Singaporeans.

Our vehicle park offers luxury cars to make sure that our passengers can take full benefit of the many unbelievable individual offers we make to all our passengers. At SG Maxi Cab Singapore, we want to deliver handy, comfortable and luxury transportation to all Singapore travellers, so if you are thinking of traveling to Singapore this coming summers, we should be your first option.

As one of the leading tour operators in Singapore, we are able to deliver a full spectrum of passenger transport solutions, from our 7-seater maxi cabin to our 13-seater minibuses. When it comes to booking your own personal trip in Singapore, there are many options for you, but none of them have the full scope of our offerings.

Whether you want to go alone or with a large group, we can offer you any kind of haulage service you need, on any scale. Our customers are also offered luxury, convenient and dependable haulage service at reasonable prices, which is one of the main reason why we are so valued.

There is no better Singapore cabin booking than we do, because we value our clients above all else. Other maxi-cabin operators also exist in Singapore, but none can say that they are pushing the standards of our customer care into the background. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of all our clients and to build a reliable maxi-cab transportation system that allows travelers to enjoy quality, luxurious and stylish journeys.

It is also possible to use our taxi booking in Singapore to welcome and welcome you at the Singapore International Taxi Club for your Singapore holiday. Our drivers are on schedule and will take you to the best sights and places of interest in Singapore. We are the best flight transfers you will find in Singapore.

All our customers are advised to make reservations in advance as this will allow us to provide comfortable transportation without breakdowns or problems. When you are looking for the best way to visit and explore Singapore, there is no better way than to choose SG Maxi Cab Singapore's extraordinary transportation service.

Give us a call now and schedule your Singapore trip with our luxury fleets at great prices.

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