What is the Cost to Rent a Private Jet

How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

Personal jets fly as fast or faster as commercial airlines. Enterprises like ElJet make the cost of renting a private jet higher. What does it cost to rent a jet? What does it cost to rent a jet? Whilst some think that private jet charter is only for the exceedingly wealthy, chartering an aircraft can actually be an affordably priced alternative for some travellers and some touring.

Enterprises like ElJet are making the cost of hiring a private jet more accessible than ever with large flight data bases and unbelievable vacancy rates.

There are three main reasons for the cost of hiring an aircraft: departure and arrival points, journey time and area. Source and destination: Just like air fares, jet hire is not possible without an understanding of origins and destinations. Flying from Los Angeles to San Francisco costs far less than flying from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi.

Duration of the trip: In general, if you are booking a roundtrip in a private jet, you must cover the cost of the crew at s such as hotels and transport on the floor at your final destination. ?s will also charge you for the cost of the crew. And the longer you stick, the more it'll cost. You can rent three major jet sizes: lightweight / small, moderate / moderate and heavier / full.

Bigger aircraft need more petrol and a bigger flight complement and therefore cost more to rent. Extra expenses such as kerosene, tax, landing fee, overseas fee and food may or may not be covered by the basic cost of hiring an aircraft. But the good thing is that the cost of a private jet does not vary depending on the number of people on board.

No matter if you are flying alone or have a group of 8 people, your airfare is the same. A further great way to lower the cost of renting private jets is to search for empty feet. Blank routes are specific one-way aircraft that have to return empty to their point of departure.

Often this empty sector is sold at an excellent rebate, which makes the private jet fare lower than ever before. The ElJet has a huge data base of these highly competitive fares, offering customers an inexpensive and simple way to find and reserve private aircraft.

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