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What about other options in comparison? Get answers to frequently asked questions about Round the World Trips with STA. Discover the new Star Alliance Premium Economy around the world.

Round trips around the world

Round-the-world tickets with STA allow you to go around the world with as few or as many stations as you want. With our unique offers, you can organize an unforgettable trip at a fraction ofthe costs of RTW-Travels. Take a look at our worldwide flight price comparison on our Muster-Round the World trip pages.

In contrast to the regular Allianz MTU ticket, we have agreed with over 100 of the world's major carriers to offer specific rates for students and young people. The whole world is open to you instead of being limited to 10 or 20 partners. They all look the same from 30,000 ft in the sky, so we recommend that you consider surface and surface water alternatives to make sure you have the best experience while you're circling the world.

Train journeys, small group adventures, coach passports and cruise trips are just some of the ways you can get the most out of your journey. If you''re traveling outside the high seasons, you can often cut your fares by several hundred, not to speak of much lower attraction rates and lower hotels and hostels.

Because we know your schedules may vary, many of our Student Exclusive ticketing offers specific date changes and reimbursement policies for student and teenager only. Contrary to many non-refundable rates that charge at least $250 to modify data, our ticketing changes begin at just $50. Contact your travel expert for more information.

Round trip We realize that not everyone has the amount of travel around the world, so our à la cart prices and wide choice of airlines are perfect for those who only want to reach one or two continent before they return home. The USA-South America-Africa-USA and USA-Asia-Australia-USA are some of the most famous round trip destinations.

The Star Alliance is launching low-cost premiums around the world

Total costs vary by home countries and cities, routes selected and extra federal tax and charges, but fall into three broad price categories based on the journey made: up to 29,000 mile; up to 34,000 mile; and up to 39,000 mile. Experienced travelers have long used Star's First Clas, B/C and E-RTW fare options to travel multi-city with a unique fare - typically for less than the price of individually reserving each trip - a savings now available to Star Alliance 11 airline travelers.

Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, Air New Zealand, EVA Air et Singapore Airline sowie ANA, Lufthansa, LOT Polish Airline, SAS, Thai Airways, Turkish Airline, Diese Liste umfasst. New A380/B777 Singapore Airline Premier Airline seat bookings are now available at this fares.... RTW passengers can also travel on Star Alliance carriers that do not offer premier economies - such as United, Air India, South African Airways and SWISS - for greater convenience and convenience, but instead travel in business on these routes.

The Star Alliance FFP also allows Star Alliance members to accumulate mileage for their travel in any Star Alliance FFP when booking in an eligible tariff category, along with status/animal mileage to Star Alliance Silver and Gold level flights. Once they reach the Star Alliance Gold level, Star Alliance passengers can benefit from priorities such as prior check-in and preboarding for every Star Alliance ticket, as well as lounging and increased free luggage allowances when traveling in business.

Star's lowest rate RTW fare, which is 29,000 mph, allows you to make up to 15 trips, provided you are crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific and generally travel either eastwards or westwards, except within the same continents. Here is an exemplary premier economic tour of the world that remains in the least costly area and maximizes your top end time:

That' s only 26,144 mph, so there is room to discover more places - for example within Asia, Europe or North America - without having to click on the next mile mark. You can book Star Alliance RTW flights through your local Star Alliance agency, directly with a Star Alliance carrier or via the Book and Fly feature on the Star Alliance website, which will be upgraded shortly to help promote the Star Alliance Premier Economics.

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