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Currently we produce our extensively modernized and comprehensive FLS Microjet and support the customers of our FLIGHTLINE series aircraft kits. Technical data Initially designed in the 1970s by Jim Bede of Bede Aircraft, Inc., the BD-5 was the first aircraft to be designed. This was a sensational event for the general public and inspired builders to dream of having a powerful prop or jet aircraft at a small fraction ofthe usual costs. Unfortunately, because the plane was far ahead of its times, it turned out to be too hard for most enthusiastic builders to do.

After only a few years, Bede Aircraft, Inc. has shut its door. Ed ("Skeeter") and Richard Karnes founded BD Micro Technologies, Inc. in 1992. BMT, after many years of research and engineering, has successfully integrated many enhanced engineering capabilities into an aircraft family named "Flight Line Series" or "FLS" series.

Homeland of the BD-5 aircraft

FLIGHTLINE People. Currently we produce our comprehensively modernised and extensive FLS Microjet and assist the customer of our FLIGHTLINE aircraft construction sets. We also offer spare parts and design assistance to clients of the 1970's BD-5 base material starters. BD-5 is a high-performance, single-seater, low-wing, thrust-shaped sports aircraft.

Among the engineering characteristics are the all-metal structure, the mechanically retracted undercarriage, which is among the best in the business, the removable wing and the wrist-action side controls as in today's combat aircraft. The aircraft, initially built in the early 1970s, was engineered to meet today's VFR demands for sports and leisure applications, and includes restricted aerobatics capabilities.

DO NOT associate with BD-5 designer James R. Bede, BEDE Aircraft Inc, BEDE Aircraft Corp or BD Jet Corp.

The FLS Multijet

FLS Microjet began its service under the name Bete BD5, originally a helicopter powered helicopter powered by a prop engine. It was conceived in the 1970s and its evolution lasted longer and posed more difficulties than its maker Jim Gede could resolve before eventually going under. He even sought the help of Bert Rutan, one of the most prestigious figures in U.S. aerospace and best known today for his work in developing Virgin's Spaceship One, Spaceship Two and White Knight systems to make aerospace accessible.

FLS Microjet is the most advanced and advanced Bede BD-5 stowage system. Bede BD-5 was originally offered as a construction set and many of these sets are still available incomplete in repair shops and workrooms. Few dauntless people were able to avoid the issues intrinsic to the genuine sets, such as the problem of boring and tapping the aluminium shell onto the aircraft's metallic frames.

Work had to be carried out accurately and aircraft engineering skills were required to make sure the assembly set was a secure aircraft. These pictures of the aircraft on the floor give a good impression of its small dimensions. First working with old Bede BD-5 sets, some folks successfully constructed the plane Bede dreamt of and made it even better.

In the 70s, one of Bede's greatest challanges was to find a proper powerplant for his construction set aircraft. Now, in the 21st centuries, an outstanding small jet is available. BD-5 was the first beam-driven aircraft, the BD-5J developed in 1992.

BMT proceeded with work on the jet aircraft design and finished Phase I test flights on May 5, 2011. FlightLine Series (FLS) is the new FLS Microjet aircraft. A BD-5J was seen in the James Bond movie Octopussy. This is a part of the Octopussy section where the BD-5J makes its début.

And the best way to judge that is to observe Justin Lewis, USFleetTracking FLS Microjet driver, as he puts you through your paces. Justin Lewis, USFleetTracking FLS Microjet driver, is the best way to judge this. So if the dashboard perspective as Justin is rolling and dragging, this plane hasn't let you grab your debit cards, then what? FLS Microjet is equipped with the new Quantum Turbojet Powerplant System, Dual Display All Data Panels and a robust state of the art multiple buss backup electric system.

It is the sophisticated variant of the BD-5J ever built. When you buy a BMT FLS Microjet Kits, you get support from the BMT Builder assistance program (BAP) and BMT will also help owner obtain the FAA's specific FAA ratings for a single-seater turbine aircraft. And if you're interested in learning more about FLS Microjet, the best first thing you can do is go to the Facebook page that you'll find when you click here.

Developing a FLS Microjet and getting the pilots' assessment to take off is neither the simplest nor the most cost-effective task. Image with kind permission of BD Micro Technologies Inc.

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