Helicopter Rates per Hour

Prices for helicopters per hour

Rates for contracts, days and more hours are available. Prices are per hour, with the exception of our "trial flight packages". Headquarters Johannesburg Helicopter Service In Johannesburg we have a large selection of choppers at our disposal. In Gauteng we offer the following helicopter services: export charters, film, photo and tourist flight. Others helicopter companies can also be organised by sub-contracting.

One of our choppers takes us via Johannesburg to South Africa. They have the possibility to fly with one-engined day or two-engined day and night helidecks.

Johannesburg's helicopter services can be hired to any desired location at very competitive prices. Hartebeespoort Staudamm & Sun City area can be seen from a helicopter and we provide charters to these and other locations. Johannesburg's area is full of coal mines and the choppers are perfect for transporting executives or for on-site inspection.

Transfer to luxury hunting cabins throughout Southern Africa. Johannesburg Helicopter Services is operated by Heli Alliance licensees and employees. The helicopter prices are R8000 / hour + value added tax (2 pax), R10 800 / hour + value added tax (3 pax), D12000 / hour + value added tax Longranger (5 pax), D15800 / hour + value added tax Bell 407 (5 pax) & D28 500 / hour + value added tax (5 6 pax - Twin Engine - Bell 222 & Augusta A109).

There is a 1 hour recharge requirement. Helicopter booking advance time: The airport and landings taxes are usually between R550 - R800 + VAT. Limitations on the weights of passengers and baggage exist and the weights have a major impact on the cost and height of the helicopter to be used. The helicopter's cruising distance is +/- 400 km, dependent on the payload.

Depending on helicopter type, helicopter type and flight time.


Prices are per hour, with the difference of our "trial packages". Feel free to get in touch with us or come for an orienteering tour to get an impression of the learn curve, the plane and how your education will go. Hours of instruction to get you in the sky at the control of a helicopter.

Lessons include 30 min. training on the floor in order to prepare for a 30 min. ride during which you will take over the check up. Suggested as a first steps when it comes to flying training.

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