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Domestic Jet Air Online Booking

Well, I mispelled my name on a national Jet Airways pass. Am I supposed to be worried? On behalf of my customer, I made the same error when I posted his cards. I spelled the name Mr X Goyal wrong as Mr X Goel. Once I had my name automatically correct, and I dropped 2300 RM, the total fare on Jetways.

In my case, I have no last name in my travel document, so I used my name in such a form when booking online, first name mr. since my agents last posted my booking in such a form, so I did it too. The next morning, I learned from my boyfriend that they had a similar problem with his spouse and that Jet Airways did not allow the Boarding Card because the last name was not after the Jet air.

The first name should have titles and last name fields should be first name. She did the same thing that put the first name twice, mostly visa and air travel recommendation this way that has no last name. I was scared so I phoned to the airlines and asked to erase my last name and they immediately refused my application and said they don't have politics to alter names. they asked me to annul the card only options and rebook.

The Jet Aviation executives were very discourteous and asked me to visit the Jet Aviation website. Nothing I know about the home environment. In general, this would not have been a cause for concern, especially for domestic airlines, and Jet is normally very useful. Amna is a real name and the purpose of the check is to make sure that the tickets that have been created for one person are not passed on to another.

The DGCA has recently published a policy prohibiting transport companies from billing a customer for the correction of a passenger's name for a ticket placed on the web. I' m not quite sure if it also works for online tourist websites (so I buy directly on the airline's website, even if it's 300 or 400 higher)...but I get a copy sent to me just in case it helps you fighting.

However, if you have written Gagan H instead of Gagan N, it is better to check with Jet Airways. Anyway, on domestic flights, it can't cause you much upset. However, I would advise you to call Jet Airways service and inquire. The DGCA has recently published a policy prohibiting transport companies from billing a traveller for the correction of his name for a ticket placed on the web.

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