Helicopter Ride Prices

Prices for helicopter trips

Reduced tickets for helicopter sightseeing flights when booking online. It is undeniable that helicopter flights are expensive. For many the price alone may mean that a helicopter tour is simply not a practicable option. Helicopter flights are mainly to Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Helicopter Tour Packages - Hollywood Tours, Malibu Coastal Flights, Downtown & More

Offering a wide range of panoramic helicopter trips, we will give you the thrills of a lifetime. Take a look at our panoramic helicopter trips. So why choose a packed L.A. coach trip just to see the front doors of prominent houses and the handicapped view of the stunning L.A. countryside? Helicopter trips are a good way to see the attractions of L.A. that are not often seen by the general public. Here are some of the places to visit.

Just chill out and take in the views as you cruise in comfort in our air-conditioned and stylish helidecks. We' ve got a trip for everybody. Includes helicopter sightseeing in Los Angeles: It is one of those trips that gives you the opportunity to see everything this town has to say. The Deluxe VIP Helicopter Trip takes you from the valley to the town, across Hollywood and down the coast to see the untouched shores, the wide open sea and the 27 kilometres of Malibu's beautiful scenery.

We' ve made sure that everything and everything you want for a helicopter flight is included, so if you are looking for the full pack and a first-rate helicopter trip that you are sure to like, that is it. The VIP Helicopter Trip are some of the things you will see:

For charter and tour services, Elite Helicopters acts only as an agency with National Helicopter Services and Engineering Company charter operations (Charter Certificate #BKFA493C). National Helicopter Services and Engineering Company (Charter Certificate #BKFA493C) under FAR Part Rules with a National Helicopter Services and Engineering Company (Charter Certificate #BKFA493C) Part Certified Pilot.

The National Helicopter Service and Engineering Company (Charter Certificate #BKFA493C) is the sole responsibility for the flight operations organised on board their airplane.


Expand the skies in this thrilling helicopter experience! Round trip Las Vegas Saloon with helicopter ride, helicopter ride, barge ride, entrance to the Hualapai Tribal Lands with midday snack bar and a trip over the Las Vegas Strip. "Only Papillon " has been awarded the 5 star diamond prize and is certificated to operate both the south and west edges of the canyon.

Maverick\' air conditioned choppers are specially designed for open viewights. And Maverick is the world's biggest ECO Star helicopter carrier. Guaranteed low prices! Select from a variety of extra excursions such as a cruise, a bottle of sparkling wine luncheon, a hike on the skiwalk or a Hoover Dam itinerary.

Almost five million visitors come to the Canyon every year, and many devote a lot of effort to finding out what to do. Included in the full days trip are brief strolls to some unbelievable "less used" views, a glimpse into some of the most stunning historical edifices and plenty of free browsing around the residents' fine arts gallery and gifts shop......

Biggest and most experienced helicopter sight-seeing company in the whole wide range! You' ll enjoy the stunning landscape that the southwest has to boast, one of the wonders of the planet with the Skywalk option. Maverick\' air conditioned choppers are specially designed for open viewights. And Maverick is the world's biggest ECO Star helicopter carrier.

Booking one of our West Rim Tours from Las Vegas and experiencing everything there is to see by coach, ferry, helicopter or plane. Guaranteed low prices!

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