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Dash - Erdogan says luxury jumbo is a "gift" from Qatar' s Emir.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Qatari ambassador had given Turkey a luxury jumbo jet as a "gift" and rejected opponents who claimed the aircraft had been purchased in a pricey buy for the president. Commenting on Monday's announcement, Erdogan said Turkey had shown interest in purchasing the Boeing 747-8 aircraft for sale - allegedly valued at around $400 million - but Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani urged that the aircraft be offered as a present.

So when the Qatari emperor was told, he gave it as a present and said, "I will not take any from Turkey. I' m gonna give this airplane away." According to commentators to reporters who return from a trip to Azerbaijan, the Turk presided over the fact that the jet would be used for his travels, but "the aircraft does not belong to me, but to the Republic of Turkey".

Mr Erdogan said he was hoping to be able to use the aircraft for travelling after finishing the paint job. The golf press has said that the huge aircraft, which was part of Tamim's own private jetty, is designed for only 76 people and has lounge and meeting rooms. Following last week's legislative critique, his comments came from the principal Republican People's Party (CHP) opposition, which alleged that Erdogan had purchased the plan.

Gamze Tascier, a CHP politician, said on Twitter that a member of the distribution staff of a Swiss corporation had approved the purchase of a Boeing 747-8 jet. "Saying that it was selling, the company's followers say it was a gift," she said on Thursday. Following Erdogan's recent statements, CHP chief Kemal Kilicdaroglu fought back to Erdogan and challenged his "honor" over the move to acceptance of such a present.

Chechnya's and Erdogan's critics repeated accusations that the strong man of Turkey has a soft spot for luxury, especially in the huge new Ankara President's Palais, which opened in 2014. However, Erdogan has fought back when he said that such investments are domestic property dignified to a state of importance to Turkey. It is also a new icon of the strong bond between Doha and Ankara, where both sides have helped each other in difficult years.

During the spade in Washington-Ankara last November, Doha pledged to make $15 billion in foreign investments in Turkey, dramatically reducing the value of the litra against the US dollar.

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