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Rental private cars and minicabs must be booked in an office, by phone or email. To cater for all your business or private London minicab hire needs, we look forward to serving you. Taxis in London are all licensed by Transport for London. Minicabs', limousine rental, chauffeur rental and airport transfer car service are referred to as private rental. Taxis and private car rental information and statistics.

Every budding private taxi driver in London could take a test in writing | UK news

Everyone who hopes to take a private taxi in London could be compelled to take a paper test after Transport for London acknowledged that exceptions for British speaking individuals would hurt blacks and ethnical minorities the most. Effective October 1, 2007, Taxi Operators will be required to sit an exam for 200 pounds sterling in order to obtain or extend a private lease.

About, the taxi hairing app, has been arguing in the courtroom that while it supported verbal testing, the writing item is superfluous and would push some of its riders out of business. TfL filed an appeal against the company's plan to allow exceptions for riders from English-speaking nations such as Australia, the USA and Jamaica.

She wants the blueprints for writing test in grammar to be abandoned entirely. In documents presented to the Supreme Tribunal, Mr Flynn said she would give up the leave for those from these jurisdictions in order to prevent discriminatory treatment after driver and immigrant groups had made an uproar. However, the ruling opens up the possibility that those persons living and growing up in English-speaking areas will have to take exams in elementary American.

Mr Flynn said that the organization was currently working out new exemption schedules for some licensees, but could not say what they would be. As a result, Uber and other taxi service operators are faced with uncertainties about their job perspectives and there are only two weeks left before the regulations enter into effect on 1 October.

Political Executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Chai Patel, applauded the TfL's move to abolish exceptions but challenged the need for writing test in this area. "It is quite true that there has been a departure by Mr Flynn von Flynn from the discrimination policies which only force people of certain nationality to bear the brunt of an extra test of German.

Nevertheless, we are still worried about the anticipated standard of English writing. "It is quite right that regulators should demand that members comply with certain consumer and security requirements, but if a voice standard is not in proportion to the actual needs of the workplace, it hampers inclusion and artificially barriers immigrants trying to make a livelihood from.

Uber's spokesman said the government had "rightly admitted that its intentions were discriminatory". Headquartered in San Francisco, the San Francisco-based firm said writing examinations "had nothing to do with communication with or safe transfer of travellers from A to B".

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