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Taxicab Cabs, provider of taxi tickets for taxi cabins. Equity analysis for Cabcharge Australia Ltd (CAB:ASE) with stock price, stock chart, company news, key figures, fundamentals and company profile. When you get into a taxi, there's a basic fee, then they start calculating the mileage. But they also charge per person.

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The Cabcharge Australia Ltd (ASX: CAB) is an ASX 200 ASX 200 Australian stock corporation quoted on the Exchange in December 1999. 1 ] In 1976, Cabcharge founded the Cabcharge business, an open-case system for the cashless provision of taxis, which is now the only supplier of in-taxi services.

Some of the company's operations were disputed and were heavily criticised by enquiries and supervisory authorities, particularly regarding the Cabcharge taxis. In 2010, the Group was the object of a case before the German Federal Supreme Court concerning allegations of anti-competitive behavior, which included squeeze-out measures. 3 ] The firm is also accused of greed for profit because of the 10% premium on taxis charged by means of a credit note and the case has been examined by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

4 ] The award in Victoria was lowered to 5% due to the recommendation of the Taxicab Industry Inquiry, and a further check of the award in this state may result in the value being well below 5%. March 2003 saw the acquisition of Black Cabs, Melbourne's second biggest cab operator, followed by Newcastle Taxis and Melbourne's Arrow Taxis.

Cabcharge founded EFT Solutions in 2008, which designs payments systems for other customers, among them large banking institutions and retail merchants, as well as for the Cabcharge system. Cabcharge's main business areas include: providing fee accounts for companies and private customers to allow cashless payments of taxis; developing a checkout system that allows drivers to charge their tickets using fee, loan and charge card and third-party Cabcharge services.

This system obliges travellers to make a 10% supplement on their ticket price, although the supplement is currently being examined by the Reserve Bank of Australia following comment by the general public that the supplement is overcharged. The award was restricted to 5% in New South Wales and Victoria. Computer programming, supply of taxibook and scheduling service.

In addition, service providers such as repair and install of automotive equipments, insurances, vehicle lease and trainings, develop taxi-related hard- and softwares such as cab monitoring cameras, counters and transactions handling devices, operate busses in NSW and Victoria through a JV with ConfortDelGro.

The Cabcharge Group held a 49% stake in ComfortDelGro Cabcharge. See the Federal Court of Australia statements and observation in ACCC v Cabcharge Australia Ltd[2010] FCA 731; ACCC v Cabcharge Australia Ltd (No. 2)[2010] FCA 837. Foundation Taxi and Hire Car Reforms Act 2013 - see

ACCC v Cabcharge Australia Ltd[2010] FCA 731, Cour fédérale (Australien) ; ACCC v Cabcharge Australia Ltd (Nr. 2)[2010] FCA 837, Cour fédérale (Australien). See article entitled "The Taxi Tsar" at au/interactive/2009/taxis/ - posted on 14 January 2012. Inside the word of Mr Taxi", Linton Besser, Sydney Morning Herald, 19 septembre 2009.

Linton Besser, Sydney Morning Herald, 21 September 2009. Linton Besser, Sydney Morning Herald, 21 September 2009: "The key actors had the most to loose as a result of the proposed reforms.

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