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HongDaJet HA-420 : Buyer and Investor Guide At $4.5 million, Honda's new HondaJet is a very thrilling one. It' s really a really one of a kind airplane with good power and the best cabins on the water. Our mother organisation gives credence to the idea that there are no failures of start-ups of lightweight beam manufacturers. Others enjoy its uniqueness and technology innovation, but others are less enthusiastic.

There are risks to all innovation, and there are many of them in this plane. The HondaJet was initially scheduled for 2010, but will be delivered five years later than scheduled (assuming everything is ok from now on). On the other hand, the mother company's ability to pay means that the plane is almost safe.

Most importantly, the Honda beats you over the top are the winged motor brackets. Honda says by lifting the motors you get a roomier, more quiet cab. HondaJet is the quickest lightweight jet - able to perform at Mach 0.65 (778 km/h/483 mph) - and can also perform up to 43,000 ft high, so it can perform in poor conditions that competition has to avoid.

They don't buy lightweight jet's to get a big cab, but the HondaJet's is amazingly spacious. Inspired by its mother company's expertise in automotive vehicle trim, Honda Aircraft offers a fresher and fresher look. It' also got a bathroom - something not all lights have.

On the front and back there is plenty of room for pockets, especially in comparison to the competition of lightweight jets. A HondaJet's inside is amazingly spacious. Honda, however, seems to be really dedicated to being an airplane OEM and has invested $120 million in its Greensborough, North Carolina facility.

Honda's brand capitalization is greater than all other corporate jet companies put together and the firm has a good track track record assisting its product line. With an order backlog of around 100 planes, purchasers now ordering for delivery in 2017 should receive planes with childhood illnesses resolved.

By 2013, the firm was announcing that it would offer US clients financing for aeroplanes, which is a serious benefit over competing machines (which it is expecting to introduce in other jurisdictions shortly). Finding financing for lightweight jetliners is relatively difficult, and that is definitely something to consider.

You can see the HondaJet's max reach from Los Angeles. In contrast to other producers, HondaJet has decided to operate through a distributor channel. While this provides on-site customer assistance - the goal is to have one for most shoppers within 90 min - some shoppers are worried about having to pay a six-digit security bond to an unrelated retailer that is not warranted by Honda.

Honda's first dealers are in the USA and Europe, but Honda is likely to be able to add even more when the plane is certified in other states. There is also a three-year - or 1,500-hour - guarantee on the plane. 1-2 competing machines:

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