Taxi from Paris

Taxis from Paris

Get information about taxi rates, phone numbers and other useful information. Transfer from Paris | France The city of Paris has been recognised several time as the most beloved travel city in the whole hemisphere. There' three Paris airports: Charles de Gaulle, Orly und Beauvais-Tillé Flughafen. The Roissy Charles de Gaulle International Park is 25 km from Paris. It is the most important French aerodrome and one of the largest aviation junctions in Europe and the rest of the globe.

Generally, Orly International Airports receive internal services.

You and the SNCF TGV long-distance train will travel from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris North Railway Station (Gare du Nord). You can reach your terminal with the OrlyVal fast train. Departure from Antony RER railway stop; group shuttle. Charles de Gaulle is the starting point for shuttle services from Roissy and AirFrance 2/4, Le Bus Directe from the Orly station (there is a connection directly to Charles de Gaulle); tramway 7 that goes to the airport in Orly.

Coming from the centre of Paris, you will have to take the subway (Paris taxi). There is a train service from 5 a.m. to 12 noon. Arriving later, you can reach the Charles de Gaulle and the Orly Airhubs by night coach Noctilien (from 01:00 to 05:00). The airplanes reach Beauvais before 23:30, so you can take the coach to the Porte Maillot subway stop (the schedule is linked to the arrival and departure of the flights).

Make sure, however, that you have enough free space afterwards to take the subway to get to your accommodation (the subway will close at 00:30). When travelling to Disneyland, make sure you know in detail how to get to Paris in the evenings. From Paris you can get to Charles de Gaulle by taxi for about 55-100 euros, to Orly - for 40-60 euros, to Beauvais - for 102-160 euros.

Transfers to Charles de Gaulle and Orly are 50 euros, to Beauvais - 111 euros. A taxi in Paris is 10-15% more expensive at nights. You will not be picked up by the trains at the entry to your accommodation - at best you only have to take the subway or coach once. Quite the opposite, a shuttle will take you directly from your guesthouse to your final destinations.

Your price for the RIER tickets is approx. 10 Euros per passenger, for the OrlyVal training tickets - 9.3 Euros. Subway tickets additionally charge 1.8 euros. When you travel in a group of four, you can come from Paris with a personal transport for the same amount of cash. It is more costly if you travel as a couple: The journey by rail (plus metro) is 22,2-23,6 Euros.

Travelling by train to Charles de Gaulle and Orly airport can take between 40 min and 2hrs. While you can stay about 2 hrs on the journey to Beauvais, the shuttle will take you there in 1h20. Less expensive than Charles de Gaulle and Charles de Gaulle and Charles de Gaulle shuttle.

Transfers to these cities are 50 euros, while a shuttles are 11-21 euros. You can buy tickets for 6-8 Euros, trams to the city of Orlé for 1,8 Euros (the same amount for the underground). Costly as shuttles to Beauvais, which is 16 Euros.

Well, what's Paris to visit? Paris has many interesting places to visit. Galeries Lafayette is also close by.

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