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What does a taxi cost in Cairo, Egypt? For information on how to get to Cairo by public transport and how to take a taxi in Cairo. Cairo, Egypt, Egypt. Most reliable and safest transport solution in Egypt.

Travelling through Egypt by Taxi

The smallest towns in Egypt have cabs. In Cairo, meter-high cabs take over, but everywhere else the local people know the acceptable fare and are paying it without (much) negotiations. Ask the local people about taxi tariffs, as the tariffs vary as fuel costs increase. Just kick to the side of the road, lift your hands and one will likely screech to a standstill.

Explain to the chauffeur where you are going before you board - he may refuse the ticket if there is poor transport or if it is too far. Negotiate For brief tariffs, fixing a rate in advance setbacks because one does not know the system. Check it out, as some chauffeurs have a tendency to modify the shop on arrivals.

If you are paid in unmeasured cabs, try to prevent getting caught in a dispute by first getting out and then giving cash through the windows. You will be shocked if a rider thinks you don't know the right fare: "How could you have paid me so little?" Look, if not a full reason. Don't get involved when you are sure of your location, but keep in mind that LE5 makes a much bigger difference to your rider than it does to you.

When you are a man and you don't care to get in the front chair and let your back be free for others, it is a little forward when a woman is sitting in the front seat). Egypt cabs are a boon and a bane. Often travellers have the feeling that they have been exploited (which they often do), while riders can really (as distinct from theatrically) be affected by what they see as overpayment.

Remember that taxiing is far from profitable. A lot of people do not own their cars and have to pay part of their income as "rent". That doesn't mean that the next times you mark a taxi for a 10-block pop and the rider explains'10 pounds', you should be smiling and saying'OK'.

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