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If you book your flight more than 14 calendar nights in advance, you won't save any money. Today's prices of airlines offer no monetary advantages for reserving your home flight ticket more than 14 business days before. When you make your trip bookings with a 14-day pre-sale, the mean fare decreases to $247, an extra saving of $122. Surprisingly, a flight bookings with more than one 14-day pre-sale has saved no cash at all.

Only a few years ago we were granted substantial rebates with a 21-day-presale. Previously, the carriers were offering larger rebates with a 30-day presale. As a new general principle, you can save almost $200 by purchasing your air ticket with a 7-day pre-sale.

If you book with a 14-day pre-sale, you will save an extra $100 or more. When you look at the numbers above, one thing pops out on you, you are paying the same fare for a ticket with a 21-day presale as that with a 14-day presale. Concealed costs for a corporate traveller are that almost 10% of all corporate journeys are canceled or modified, resulting in a $200 modification charge levied by the three major carriers (American, Delta and United).

Average bookings laws state that the more you continue to purchase your ticket, the more likely it is that a meet will be altered or canceled, resulting in a $200 rebooking charge. Ultimately, if you are waiting to make your booking up to 14 business day before your journey, you will most likely be avoiding some $200 revision charges that come when getting sessions and schedule shifted around.

4 percent said they don't want to spend anything and would rather go, 64 percent said they would go if they spent 200 dollars or less, 23 percent said they would not.

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