How do I get a Private Hire Licence

Where can I get a private rental license?

Application for a new private rental or taxi license New entrant is someone who has never been licensed by Liverpool City Council or whose license has lapsed. Bring your genuine pass and/or your right to working papers from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm to our One Stop Shop in the city centre. Display a shortlist of the originals that will be acceptable as evidence.

Favourite document: our favourite photocard licence for your favourite digital camera (DVLA). Account statements - date in the last three month. Pension bill - dates in the last three month. Ratssteuergesetz - dating from the last 12 month. A consultant will check and scanned your originals. You will then be notified in writing whether they have been approved and will be notified that you should request your license on-line as described below.

Failure to submit your originals will prevent you from applying for your licence. You can do this if you have been in possession of a fully-fledged driver's license with your present postal code for 12 months: Obtainez votre certificat d'attestation de divulgation du service de divulgation et d'interdiction (DBS) et un mandat DVLA (DVLA-Mandat).

Staff Checks, which work on your job on our account, will then inform you when you need to submit your job application: Standard Liverpool Part 1 Certification. Doctor' s report. If you have been living abroad for three month or more since the age of 18, you will also need a certificate of good conduct.

Personal Checks will get in touch with you when your license is available, tell you how to schedule a pick-up and give you a listing of documentation to have. If you do not provide these materials, you will not receive a license.

What does a new license mean for me? That means the sum you will be paying for a three-year license (excluding the Liverpool Part 1 certification and your doctor's certificate) is £208.57. Upload a copy of the guides for new or current private landlords or taxi drivers.

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