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We have everything you need for your specific events, plus expert chauffeurs who know your town inside out. Limousine service and taxi services. Minivan taxi for 6 people available. In addition, we provide a basic package from any large town. All common debit card types are acceptable. All travelers travel for the cost of one.

Relying on our dependable taxi operators to stylishly serve your transport needs, we guarantee you the cheapest prices in the city. Smokeless service. Taxi driver on request.

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Property Description:2016 TOYOTA praus, magnificent state I am looking for a solid overnight motorist. The vehicle is on 31 and 24 April. Call Ted 917 7363582.... Descriptions: Looking for a rider with a variable timetable. Beschreibung: Full hour taxi service yellow taxi is required in Richmond Hill /Jamaica /Hillside/ Ozone Park.

Drivershift:Night shiftLocation:Jackson Hights. Great automobiles and great leasing.

Also I have a 2014 Toyota camry hybrids for full timers. Sleep begins at 5:00 p.m. in Ladies and the rent is $600. Drivers shift: Daily shifts location: 115 road and 107 avenue. Descriptions: I am looking for an all-day driver from 4 to 16 $500. The Toyota Comb Drive 2015 Electric Hybrid.

Driving shift:Daily shiftLocation:Jamaica. Beschreibung:Hello, I have a Toyota Camry Hybride available to rent for the daily shifts. Extremely favourable rental contract. Describe:I need a perpetual tag rider on Hybrids prius' leasing is $500 inclusive 5%. Toyota Camry is available for the nightshift. Contacts description:718-389-4483 Description: PURCHASE the car and hire the MEDAILON for $900 a $1000 rider a $1000 two rider.

LEASE WEEK $1000... Daily $100 available. We have available week, doubles or individual drivershifts. We can exchange your UBER vehicle for a taxi in gold, and we can also offer you a locket and insurances. Call us:

Beschreibung:Are you looking to buy a vehicle to rent a Medalion? JOE TO OUR GARAGE, we have the new Toyota 4 and Camry, with which we will be working together. Driving Shift:Daily ShiftLocation:207th Street & Hillside Ave, Queens Village, nearby. Beschreibung:2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid available for full shifts. Description:Toyota Prius v 2014 Hybrid Excellent is available for $1000 per week, all inclusive for one rider.

Property Description: Toyota Camry 2014 Toyota 2014 hybrids auto in flawless state available 24/7 individual rider only for $1000 a week..... Property Description: Toyota Camry 2014 Camry 2014 Hybride Auto $1100 per week contain everything for 2 or 3 riders Superb finish......... Rider shift:DoubleLocation:Midtown Manhattan. Property Description:2017 Nissan NV200 Wheelchair Available at a low cost only for $950 for 1 rider including everything and $1 Drive Get $1 Additional for each journey, which saves an additional $100 to $150 per week.

Property Description: Toyota Prius 2016 for $1250 and Toyota Camry 2015 for $1200 are available for 2 or 3 riders and feature everything....... Property Description: Toyota Prius Classic 2016 available to run the Bronx Parkchester Metro to St. Lawrence...... Property Description: Toyota Camry 2014 hybrid auto available for nightshift around Foster Ave & Cony Island Ave Brooklyn only for $600 per week.....

Descriptions:Getting into the accident and looking for a reparation estimate to submit a complaint, no problem. Beschreibung:Yellow Taxi Medallion wanted with or without Auto. Beschreibung:Beat Hot Summer with ice-cold deal. Vehicles available for 1 rider, 2 riders and 3 riders for Toyota Camry/Prius 2015/2016 automobiles. Beschreibung: Looking for daily shifter for Ford Escape Hybrid, @foster/Coney Text or Call any tim 6467569296.

If you want to take a daily shifts, please call the above number if you have a vehicle available. 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid Yellow Taxi Taxi Cab Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 5 days shifts $405 (credit cards charge included). Switching from 5 to 5. Description:2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid Yellow Taxi Saturday to Wednesday 5 days rental $405(All inclusive).

Description:2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid Yellow Yellow Taxi Monday to Saturday 6 nights hire $555(All inclusive). Description:2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid Yellow Taxi Monday through Friday 5 Night Lease is $459(All inclusive). Property Description: Looking Sundays doubleshift rider Garage Auto & reasonable priced. Property Description: We are 2 riders looking for Ford Escape Hybrid or Toyota Prius 24/7 day and night in anywhere.

Beschreibung:Hi I have Toyota Camry hybrid 2015 and I am looking for a permanent nightshift operator, please call 13475531868 if no reply I have. 2/3 rider - camry 2015- Very good condition. Property Description: Available for Prius V in Jackson High' neighbourhoods, 24 hours a day and nights a.... I have a Ford Escape 2012 and I need a rider for the nightshift. The rental contract will only be 600. Everything is including.

Description:2014 Toyota Camry (Regular) is available for 24/7 leasing. 925/week for 1 rider, 1025/week for 2 riders. Descriptions:Looking for a nightshift rider I have a Ford Escape Yellow Cab. Very low rent! Describe:Yellow Taxi. In search of a long-term double-shift operator. Descriptions:Are you coming to take a taxi yourself? Property Description: My auto is a 2015 Toyota Highlander.

Property Description: I am looking for daily rate plz call on via telephone no.

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