How to become a Taxi Driver in Birmingham

Becoming a Taxi Driver in Birmingham

Drivers application in Birmingham & Solihull There is an in-house introductory program that gives you outstanding education to become part of our Birmingham & Solihull group. With our in-house instruction you get the best possible results at C2B because we deliver an outstanding program. Over 27 years of experience in the business will make you part of an expert and highly skilled staff that offers a full spectrum of customer-oriented transport solutions - from air transfer to wedding.

To join the Birmingham and Solihull' s biggest taxi business teams, please fill out the following enquiry and provide your details of taxi availabilities, vehicles and past taxi experiences. Avaliable for iPhone and Android, it's the fastest and simplest way to get your own taxi booking for your SRA2B!

to Wolverhampton to get the licenses.

Would-be cabbbies have been alleged to drive into the area instead of fighting through harder applications in areas like Birmingham. "From issuing less than 1,000 personal driver's licenses per year by 2015 to nearly 5,000 last year, the approval agency has gone from being published following a Freedom of Information Act inquiry.

Indeed, more mini labs were recorded last year in Wolverhampton than in Birmingham, although they are only a third the height. Severe new CO2 emission and environmental limits for Birmingham driver compartments, for example, do not affect outside city taxiways. Right now Wolverhampton is using a loophole in the license agreement to make as much cash as possible, and that's just not right.

In Birmingham, there are similar concerns about the "race to the bottom" in the taxi regime and concerns about the capacity of licensees in one town to monitor their driver in another. He added: "We were in agreement on many points, among them the need for solid education covering among others knowledge of Englisch, protection, sex abuse of children, disabilities, passengers security and other subjects.

" However, there are disagreements about doing topical tests with Wolverhampton, as they believe that a navigation system is all that is needed for a mini skier. Volverhampton is arguing that it is the accelerated on-line recruitment procedure that is turning out to be a favourite with riders.

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