How to call a Taxi

Calling a taxi

Do you actually call a normal yellow taxi on the phone or are they the more expensive "car services"? The New Yorkers feel, uh, very strongly about taxis in New York. When you want to call a taxi, there are five companies operating throughout the city:...


As a prelude - Where is Hamburg?

It is a fascination town with many sights, places to visit and many shops and eateries to explore. Hamburg, with more than 1.7 million residents, is the second biggest German town and - curiously enough - the biggest in Europe, which does not have the statute of a German capitol. Hamburg/Germany connects the typically vibrant ambience of a big metropolis with a very special nautical charme through the beloved port area as well as the lovely Alster with its picturesque well in the centre of the town.

When you take a rest on the lakeside creek (which actually only looks like a lake) and enjoy icecream as much as I do, I suggest you enjoy a bowl of delicious Warneke icecream right on the Jungfernstieg dock. As a prelude - Where is Hamburg?

The city of Hamburg is situated in the north of Germany, very near the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Favourite trips for hamburgers are a week-end on the Isle of Sylt, in St. Peter-Ording or on Timmendorfer Strand to relax on your own, to swim in turquoise waters, to relax under palms or loops, that was somewhere else.

Alternatively, nice places near Hamburg are Lübeck, Schwerin or Lüneburg, if you would like to take an extra one. Surely it will be interesting to supplement your look at the vibrant metropolitan lifestyle of Hamburg with a trip to at least one of these smaller towns to collect a multitude of sights.

Hamburg/Germany is a very verdant town without high sky -scrapers - instead churches dominate the countryside. In the following photo you can see the already mentionned Alster in the centre, surrounding the major streets Mönckebergstraße in the eastern part and Jungfernstieg in the southern part, and the historical Speicherstadt camps as well as the HafenCity with the impressing but much too costly Elbphilharmonie in the foreground.

Hamburg harbor is further to the right and you can see the brilliant blue-white paddle wheel, either MS Louisiana Star or MS Mississippi Queen, which moves to the dock. Those looking for an informational harbor tour will find an English speaking harbor tour on the Elbe from 1 April to 31 October every day at 12 noon from Landungsbrücken Passenger Pier No. 1 or Passenger Pier No. 4 by Rainer Abicht.

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