How to Rent a Private Jet

Rental of a private jet

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Rental of private jets: If you need one in the twinkling of an eye.

Passengers with a certain level of priority want to be able to make a reservation for a private jet at a certain time. "Click, click, book, buy and buy, that's our season d'etre," says Clive Jackson, Victor Corporation Chief Executive Officer and Victor Founders, an over-similar application (only instead of taxi booking private jets). Victorian' s annual rate of increase (an annual mean of 142.93% over the last three years) is helping to tell the tale of a booming industry: private jet touring.

Private jet aircraft have not exactly been a financially important issue since the 2008 downturn, even for the handed over. However, this year saw an increase in jet charters for the first consecutive year, at least in Western Europe. Recently published Victor Private Jet Travel Report, which includes WingX's own research, shows how (and where) this $14 billion sector is expanding.

France has the greatest propensity for private jet holidays in Europe, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom. "Aircraft charter does not necessarily provide a better level of services than a first-class ticket, and the cost is equivalent - if not more costly (around $6,000 for a single short-haul ticket).

Beyond the business trip, it has significant savings in terms of flying times. "We know that our customers want to spend much more an hour in a given night, which is not possible, but if they do it right, a private plane can be like a clock machine," says Jackson. In comparison to commercially operated flights, private jet charters are quick and versatile.

You can also be collected and taken off at smaller, private aerodromes that are nearer to your final destinations and transform your cab into a small business during the trip. Simplifying the link between public and private jet prices has also contributed to reducing private jet prices. If, for example, an airline has an " empty foot " - that is, he has someone flying in one direction and is standing in front of a possibly empty cab on the way back - he can give a rebate on that part of the trip.

This has made private air travel more affordably and accessibly than ever before. Aside from PrivateFly, a German broker age in Europe, and JetSuite, a US broker age several vacancy deals (they call these "SuiteDeals") every day via Facebook and Twitter, Victor is one of several firms offering the reduced "vacancy option".

It is not per passenger, but per airplane. JetSuite CEO Alex Wilcox says, "But sometimes you can get a whole airplane for $499 that travels from Los Angeles to New York and you can divide the cost between four persons.

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