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Verify Srilankan Airlines flight status, schedule and flights from India to international destinations. Book your flight online with Mihin Lanka Airlines Mihin Lanka has been known as Sri Lanka's low-cost charter company since 24 April 2007. Lanka is operating from his turnstile at Bandaranaike International Airport. It offers first class service and a convenient air journey to its customers. The Mihin Lanka is a low fare company that offers free drinks to you.

Mihin Lanka discontinued operation in October 2016 following the Srilankan Airlines acquisition. Brilankan Airlines has taken over most of the regular services and covers other routes. Airlines plan to switch from Airbus family A320 s to 737-800s and launch a full size commercial jet. Lately Sri Lankan and Mihin Lanka Airlines have been inefficient.

However, Sri Lanka's standing is improved with the renewals and memberships of one world. They serve several major cities such as Bahrain, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Maldives, Oman, Pakistan, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the UAE. Merlin Airways announces a code share with Sri Lankan Airways. Carriers are planning to launch Busi ness classes on all flights except Gaya and Varanasi from 25 May 2014.

A320/321 will be equipped with a 12-seat Cabrio seat Cabrio Seat Independent Executive Coach. Our Businessclass offers a better match with the Sri Lankan businessclass. The Mihin Lanka follows the shortened distance concept. Airlines' Businessclass will be a gate to more prime travellers. Travelers in Bus Division can use the airport lounges and discrete check-in desks.

At Mihin Lanka you will find conveniences such as warm food, drinks that include schnapps and entertaining activities. There are also some additional conveniences such as quilts and cushions. Mihin Lanka Airlines seats in 32 " to 34" with a 6 " backrest. First place goes to front for our passengers in terms of performance, and second place to our passengers in terms of performance.

The Mihin Lanka has a free of charge shopping cart bag system for your convenience. Customers can use the on-line reservation service via the website. However, there will be discrete check-in desks at the airports. Travelers can set down their bags and choose their seats as they wish.

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