International Airport Taxis

Airport Taxis

Arrange your transfer to and from Belfast International Airport now and avoid the confusion of landing in Belfast. Taxi services provide door-to-door service to and from Hong Kong International Airport. Airport Official Taxi Service - Belfast International Airport, Aldergrove

Take advantage of our comprehensive offer of limousines, station wagons, executives carriages and peoples carriers fleets in order to bring you to your desired goal, your meeting or your attractions. Since 1 October 2016 all taxis in Northern Ireland have been equipped with taximeters due to new federal laws.

International Airport Transfer Belfast

Specialized in airport transportation to and from all over the globe, we work with the best group of driver and carriages. Taxis and airport shuttles are available in a variety of different types of vehicle, from limos and limos for commercial and recreational travel to mini -buses and buses for large groups. No matter if you are on holiday or on work, we arrange a comfortable and inexpensive airport pick up from Belfast International Airport to get your journey off to a good start.

It is also possible to arrange for a cab to Belfast International Airport when traveling home or to your next stop. As well as transferring you to your office meetings or your accommodation, we can also arrange for you to be transferred from Belfast International Airport to practically any location. There are also bigger cars available, perfect for groups of relatives and family.

No matter whether you visit your travel destinations for an excursion or for commercial purposes, we have a car that fits your needs. Even more important is that our chauffeurs make sure that you arrive at your destinations on schedule and with as little effort as possible. Our aim is to reduce the stresses of arriving and departing from the airport so that you have more free space for your holidays or the preparation of your meeting.

The Miami International Airport

It is recommended that MIA customers disregard transport services offered by lawyers in the terminals. The request for land transport is an illicit practice and many illicit lawyers are not licensed and not insured. In order to ensure secure and legal road transport, please contact the taxi and shuttle booths provided on the lower kerb outside the luggage reclaim area, where Miami-Dade Aviation Department uniforms will be pleased to help you.

Kindly disregard all non-uniformed people who offer to help with transport or luggage. Be sure to always visit airport uniforms with MIA cards for support.

The collection and return points are situated on the top (departure) plane of the airport. Passengers are taken from Miami International Airport to and from the airport 24x7. Super shuttles are situated on the arrivals floor of the airport, outside the luggage area.

The tariffs shown on the card apply only to the first person; each extra person in the same group will pay a reduced fare in certain areas. Book an airport shuttles or blacks on-line, by e-mail or by calling 305-871-1000 for more information.

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