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Here is the list of the ten countries with the cheapest air travel in the world. Ten low-cost flight destinations in the world[pictures]. last year launched its first airfare index and the second issue has just been out. This index shows the ten best performing airports in the whole wide range of destinations.

This index includes short-haul and long-haul flights from 80 of the world's most popular destinations.

They calculate the mean fare per 100 km of journey using the high and low seasonal fare for over one million trips. There is also a difference between low budget and full range carriers in order to offer you a pricing index for each state. Last year South Africa was one of the ten lowest priced nations, now ranks 11th and India, which led the ranking, has fallen to third place.

However, South Africa is still quite accessible, especially if you travel with another city. Here are some photos of these places - and we have indicated how much it will cost to get from Johannesburg to the capitol of the city.

486 ? Flights to Seoul, South Korea (SEL)

Be vigilant when the price falls from Frankfurt to Seoul. South Korea's capitol, Seoul International is home to the most prestigious international airline in the country and its 2009 International Choice of Best Aerodrome. Cheap flights to Seoul arrive at the wonderful Seoul Inchon International flightport. As with most of Asia's major aerodromes, Seoul Inchon has luxurious facilities including a course, spas, indoor garden and even a gambling area.

When taking a cab, note that most chauffeurs don't understand English, so you want your trip recorded in Korea. The flights to Seoul lead to a heavily settled land which, like most other heavily settled towns, is cursed by transport. The majority of the signage is in English and German.

Gyeongbokung is one of the most impressing, where TV plays are made. The Bukhansan is the most beloved and Gwanaksan is the site of the Sammak temple. Olympiapark is still open and there are more in Seoul. N Seoul, Namsan Towers is the biggest lighthouse in Asia and provides stunning panoramic view.

You' ll be satisfied with the flights to Seoul; as a big town Seoul has a lot to offer - it only matters what you want to buy. You will be pleased that you have been saving cash for a cheap flight to Seoul, Korea, so you can pay more here. If you are starving, you will find that there is no lack of cheap to pricey cafes.

Our Ala-too Cafe serves a large selection of dishes from traditional Chinese to Asian. It is 12 miles from Gimpo Intl Airport (Seoul, South Korea). Currently, 18 airline companies are operating from Gimpo Intl Airport. The Gimpo Intl airport provides non-stop flights to 13 towns. At least 788 flights a week leave Gimpo Intl. for Germany and 220 for the rest of the world.

Incheon Intl Airport (Seoul, South Korea) is 31 miles from Seoul. Currently, 85 airline companies are operating out of Incheon Intl Airport. The Incheon Intl Airport provides non-stop flights to 153 towns. At least 103 flights a week leave Incheon Intl. and 3,723 flights a week leave Incheon Intl.

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