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Join Air Charter, your tailor-made specialist for private and group charter. Worldwide we offer the most modern aircraft in the world. However, as a general guide, these are the base prices for the aircraft types of our fleet:.

Charter Jet & Cargo United Kingdom

Round-the-clock availability of our charter specialists. At Air Charter Service, we can provide charter for large groups of passenger groups on board planes, comprising local jets and turbo-props, VIP and export airlines, and small and wide-body jets. Our price leader is an excellent base if you want to charter a privat jets.

Ranging from the president's fleet to the king's fleet, you'll learn how some of the world's most powerful political and recreational travel guides travel the globe. We were asked last year to do one of the most important charter events of 2016, Iron Maiden's The Book of Souls Worlds Tour, and that's how we moved forward.

Team up with ACS as we discover five of the best dive sites in the globe with privately chartered jets for a breathtaking outing.

Privately and group charter

Air Charter is committed to our key values: our actions are based on our principles of integration, customer orientation, dedication and dedication. It is a very proud record of the fame we have worked so hard building year after year. We are distinguished by the individual experiences we provide to our customers. Knowing the special needs of group trips, we can meet your needs.

Whether it's on-demand 24-hour staffing, brand-building capabilities or last-minute changes, we have earned a strong track record of delivering smooth group charter operations to a broad range of customers. We offer absolute luxuriousness, incomparable individual attention and the highest level of protection and privacy. It is our vast knowledge of the aerospace sector and our dedication to what we do that drive us to surpass our own aspirations.

Every journey is made personally. Regardless of your needs, we aim not only to meet them, but to surpass all of them. We really stand out due to our unique image and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We give you the peace of mind that everything from the right plane, to the most competitively priced, to face-to-face on-demand assistance and in-flight capabilities, is done.

The committed members of our staff have comprehensive knowledge in handling the time-critical character of the automobile industry and ensure that everything runs smoothly for everyone concerned. Working with a number of world-class sports organizations, we offer the highest level of customer care, safety and privacy. At Air Charter Travel we have direct flights to some of the most advanced planes in the industry, from personal jetliners to passenger planes to choppers.

Regardless of your needs, we aim not only to achieve this, but to surpass all expectations. We really stand out due to our unique image and our commitment to customer care. Regardless of whether you are looking for the fastest way to get there or the most convenient executive seat for your executive committee meetings, Air Charter will help you.

T-piece off in the way you walk on your personal jets. Indulge in luxurious relaxation, flawless services and tailor-made luxurious food - champagne or ice-cold beer at 40,000 ft. altitude. Her charter, her airplane, her rules. No matter whether you are traveling to Milan to shop for a whole week-end, drink a cocktail in New York or live in Monaco, you will be traveling comfortably and stylishly with your own personal aircraft.

A whole adventure for you. Whether in Chamonix or St. Moritz, we make sure that you come onto the piste with the utmost delicacy.

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