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Airplane comparison: The Gulfstream G500 versus the Gu600

Just a few feet away separates the six and five, but they make a big difference. What a big deal! Already the five-fifth has proven to be a very powerful aircraft, and the six hundred - expected in 2019 - has a great deal to offer. With $6.5 million less, the good looks of the 600 in comparison to a new 550 - especially with its bigger cab - are really good, but there are great offers on the used end of the line of the 550.

They can buy a 10-year-old 550 for about $25 million. Advisors and agents believe that the aircraft are different enough to avoid immediate pricing rivalry, so the remaining value of the aircraft should be retained in the near future - even though it has fallen. However, once the G600 enters the used end of the spectrum it will inevitably see some downside pressures on it.

Either plane can carry 19 people ( although few ever do), but the size of the aircraft is much larger. With 45ft 2inches, the 2ft 2inches long version of the 600 is longer than the G550 and 7 inch wide. The additional room means that the 600 can have six deckchairs (compared to five on the G550) or a twin couch.

You can also take a bath on the floor of the greenhouse using the optional showers on the model 600. It also allows the use of different configuration, incl. an optional meeting area and entertaining room. Each model offers a 100% supplemental system of clean room ventilation with the 4850ft cab pressurized capacity of the 10600. As a result, a more naturally designed and convenient cab is created while at the same creating a reduced impact of jet lag - a key advantage for those who cannot manage to spend enough money switching to another one.

A G550 cab is still very convenient - and can have a complete crew compartment - but the cab of the GT600 gains in cab comforts. With its panorama window cabins - the biggest in aeronautical heritage - the GT600 further enhances passengers' comforts. Max range: Although the actual distance between the two aircraft is insignificant, the six hundred has a smaller max reach than the five hundred.

Neither are suitable for the most common business aircraft routings that do not reasonably need the highest available mileage. Operating distance of globe 600 (dark blue) is not far behind globe 550 (light blue). Maximal outreach as shown from Teterboro - but the GT600 can get there faster.

Operating distance of globe 600 (dark blue) is not far behind globe 550 (light blue). Maximal outreach as shown from Teterboro - but the GT600 can get there quickly. Velocity: Gulfstream G600: Gulfstream G550: Thanks to the use of the 10600, travellers can travel more quickly and arrive at their destinations earlier. Sentence " Timing is Geld " is becoming more and more pertinent - increasing the velocity of the gear of the G600 is a big sales argument compared to the slow G550.

Reduce travel time is enough to move shoppers to the GF600. In terms of maneuverability and flexibility, both aircraft are equally suited. Even though the use of asphalt for the start from the G550 is far less than that of the G550, the length of the asphalt required to get the aircraft off the ground is 330 feet (3,100 feet versus 2,770 feet). With over 500 G550 units of Gulfstream products in sales, Gulfstream has a trusted client list and an excellent record of providing excellent support to customers.

A major shift for Gulfstream's current customer base is the selection of Pratt & Whitney for the engine instead of Rolls-Royce. Looking to the near term, the 10600 is likely to be sufficient to enhance convenience, power and technology and make it a flag ship in the ultra-long-haul aircraft segment - making it an appealing capital expenditure option as its value in the second-hand aircraft segment should be good.

The Gulfstream says the 600 programme is on course to begin delivery in 2019, with a remarkable order from Qatar Executive (30 firm orders for three Gulfstream models).

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