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What is the best moment to buy an international ticket? The best way to know the best way to buy a plane has developed into a Russia traveler gambling game - if you don't "win" a low price, you can loose a lot and feel there has to be a better way. However, we also follow international ticketing, and this year we have gained a greater insight into international ticketing to give our clients the most complete insight we have ever had.

Our survey examined a combined 917,000,000,000 air fare tariffs, which include tariffs that cover more than 1,000,000,000 international journeys last year. Those air fare prices cover more than 3,000 international marketplaces. We' ve looked at all the possible dates on which you can buy this flight for every journey - to find out when international flights have the cheapest rates.

We' ve determined the best date to buy a tickets in the different areas of the globe, and we have also identi?ed the best possible match for each area. Main Bookings screen is the bandwidth of dates when you are likely to see the cheapest rates - the screen where it is generally not too early to make a good business, but also not too late. Your main bookings screen is the bandwidth of dates when you are likely to see the cheapest rates.

Most importantly, if the prize is most important, you should be planning to buy your flights in this area. Obviously, the main reservation screen is a generalisation, and you should be clear about what's going on at big venues such as big festival, international sporting event and big holiday. In a very bustling period for the destinations - Oktoberfest in Munich, Edinburgh Festival in Scotland and Holi in India are just three instances that come to your minds - you will want to buy in the early part of the prime-booking windows or in some cases even before.

Otherwise, use the prime-booking windows as a good guess when it makes most sense to buy. In addition, we have investigated whether travelling in certain periods of the year affects when you should buy your flights, and which travelling month had the highest and cheapest fares for each area.

Eventually, we analysed the weekdays to see if there was a discount on purchasing or flight on a particular date. This is a break-down of the mean number of predeparture flights, which gives the cheapest fare for US travellers travelling to international regions:

Canada is very similar to the US domestic air transport system - it is best to buy your flight to Canada on avarage 66 businessdays in advance. Travelling to Canada is on avarage about 3% less expensive than last year, which is a small saving, but hey-we will take a small saving every single working days compared to a small one!

Unsurprisingly, Canada's hot summer seasons see the most costly air travel where July is the most costly months to attend, but still - the gap between July and October (the cheapest month) is relatively small - about $64. Mexico/Central America-Mexico and Middle America were very similar to US flights (which was not always the case in the past) - you can generally expect about 70 working day waiting for the best rates for Mexico or Middle America destination.

Air fares to our neighbours in the southern hemisphere also tend to be slightly lower overall than in the previous year, resulting in an overall saving of 3% per flight. Decembers is the most costly holiday season, so get your Christmas holiday statistically posted! You will find the lowest prices flights to the Caribbean on avarage if you buy this 207 day flight in advance almost 7 weeks before your departure.

And the main reservation screen is also huge - which, quite openly, is good traveler-wise. Apart from that, tariffs are still rising this last month still before you go planning to go. You should also make sure to book your flights early if you are going to spend Christmas or Hanukkah in Jamaica.

Decembers is the most costly season to go. Air fares to South America put you back the least dollar on the average at 110 day out-closing in on three time period before you go. Ticket prices are slightly higher and tend to be more than last year. Travellers can count on spending on the average 8% more - about 65 US dollar more than they would have spent in 2017.

It is almost $250 less expensive to go to South America in February (the best month) than in December. Holidays in Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti or other South Pacific areas should theoretically be scheduled well in advance as this is the best way to buy watches 197 day before the start.

However, the prime-booking windows are also very broad here, which means that air fares are not very expensive for a good part of the year. Since flights are already so costly when you have a December (summer down under) holiday, you can be sure to spend an additional $550 on your flight on top of what you would spend in the least expensive of May.

Airfare to Asia is the best 4 monthly (120 days) in advance. Please note that the price of airfare to Asia is the lowest. And the main reservation screen is pretty big for Asia, too, so you can just unwind a little and don't have to be worried that rates will have a massive rise while you watch and wait. Nov. is the best holiday season, with the favorite June being the most costly.

Travelling in the best possible monthly period can help you saving an estimated $420 on your trip. Asian is a vast area, so we ask our reader to do their own research with our Best Times to Buy Flights widget. Meanwhile, the lowest flight fares to Europe are found on avarage 160 day before take-off, and fares have fallen by almost 10% since last year (good good tidings for US travellers, as Europe is always an expensive but much sought-after holiday - every little help helps)!

In one way the dates for flights to Europe were slightly different - the best holidays are Monday - more choices! It' probably not surprising that July is the most costly period to cross the lake; if you can deal with the wheather, March is the cheapest place, with an avarage saving of $371 per pass.

As we know, usually humans try to get Europe off to a start in the summers. For more information on the best flying dates to Europe this summers (with a practical, colour-coded calendars for reference), visit our Europe Summers page. Premier widows are quite broad, so there are no major fluctuations in prices for most of the trip.

Absolutely the best fares to Africa and the Middle East are found 199 flights in advance, almost 7 month on all. Inside information on 2018 international trips. We take the liberty of answering every reader's query and/or comments and we know that it can be a complicated task to plan a foreign tour.

We are also happy to be able to make our flights available for payment on a per month basis, which can sometimes help relieve the burden of international trip budgets. We want to help you make great trip choices in a vast amount of information and offers by providing you with real flight pricing information. We' ll give you hints and suggestions from our competent advisors - exclusively from the USA - and keep you informed about the latest developments and inside information.

Besides, we like to crack the numbers behind the aviation business to make you a more intelligent buyer (did we already say we're geeks?).

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