Jet Airways Flight Offers

Flight offers by Jet Airways

Jet Airways offers flights, while travelers can choose to book in Business and Economy Class. Airways offers flights from 4,299 rms. Click here for detail

As part of its international flight sales, Jet Airways offers low-cost airline ticketing for all its leaflets to over 20 locations. As part of the deals, starting at 4,299 US dollars, ticket prices cover major cities such as Colombo, Bangkok, Dubai, Paris and many more. Only single ticket offers. Rupees of 9,999 are required if a leaflet wants to make a round trip booking.

Passengers can also purchase basic premium quality travel on these services from 18,490 RM, while fare returns begin at 33,399 RM. As part of the sales, the carriers also provide reduced round-trip air fare for Amsterdam, Paris, London and Manchester. Bookings can only be made via the Jet Airways website and via the Jet Airways travel application.

Travelling periods of the offers begin on 16 September 2018. Quotation only available until 25 August.

It is an Indian domestic airline that commenced business in 1992.

It is an Indian domestic airline that commenced business in 1992. The airline has again been named India's "Best Domestic Airline" and has received a number of domestic and foreign accolades. At Jet Airways, we believe in delivering outstanding value to our customers. Our primary goal is to provide an incomparable and reliable level of customer support.

Jet Airways' present squadron of 114 jets comprises five Airbus A330-200s, four Airbus A330-300s, 15 ATR 72-500s, three ATR 72-600s, five Boeing 737-700s, 66 Boeing 737-800s, two Boeing 737-900s, four Boeing 737-900s and 10 Boeing 777-300s. There are 52 home destination Jet Airways services. Key sector covered are returns between Mumbai and New Delhi and Mumbai to Bangalore.

You have unique connections between Hyderabad and Indore and returns between Srinagar and Indore. Passengers earn miles on the basis of their reservations. The points can then be used to make Jet Airways reservations in the near term. As a Gold and Platinum member, you will have additional privileges to Jet Airways lounge facilities, including prioritized check-in and additional luggage.

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