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The Cirrus Life redefines personal aviation and transforms life. Latest tweets from Cirrus Aircraft (@Cirrus_Aircraft). For more than ten years, Cirrus Aircraft has been the world's best-selling aircraft manufacturer.

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Alan Klapmeier was Chairman from 1984 to January 2006 and from 1984 to February 2009 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Meanwhile, by the end of the century, the VK-30 had been phased out and the Cirrus SR20 had been developed and type-tested in October 1998. 38 ] SR20 customers delivered from July 1999 onwards.

Meanwhile, in mid-March 2011, aerospace researcher Brian Foley announced that he was attempting to organise a group of US venture capitalists to make a bid in return for the China buy-out to retain Cirrus as a US corporation. Mr Foley explained that he had seen an "overwhelming response" from the US aerospace congregation, suggesting that Americans want Cirrus "to be held and run on US ground.

Further uncommon features are included in the range. It also uses a unique performance levers which controls both choke and speed of the aircraft propellers via a mechanically cam-controlled choke system and a prop steering system. The structure is characterised by composites (a technology the firm has used on every aircraft since its first draft in 1988, the VK-30), although aluminium is traditionally used for airframes.

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