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Internet Charter Online Invoice Payment

Users of ACI Worldwide (formerly Online Resources) and FIS Digital Payments (formerly Metavante) should not pay tax bills online. On-line banking makes it easy for you to manage your accounts anytime, anywhere! Paid bills, make bank transfers and much more! To create an online account, use Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox browsers. The Bill Pay offers the possibility to pay all your sellers with your computer.

Online-Invoice processing system

Don't use a payment form to validate your bank's bank account number as it may contain the bank's own bank numbers that are not part of the bank's number. Contact your bank to confirm the proper route number. Online Resources (ACI Worldwide) and Metavante (FIS Digital Payments) customers should not pay taxes online.

You should only use these portal for payment of pension invoices. You can pay your taxes by selecting the checkbox below. Verify the detail of your income statement, which includes payment and discounts, by typing the second field on the back of your statement. Go to Tools in Internet Explorer ---> Internet Options --> Data Protection.

Go to Internet Explorer Tools --> Internet Options --> Data Protection --> Websites.

On-line payment options for invoices - City of Stockton, CA

Conveniently.... you will get a one-month notice directly to your mailbox. Paperless..... see and pay your bill online. Please go to Visit2Gov to sign up for an online invoice payment service now. Are you already paying your bill online?

Register online. Click on "Account Information" on the menu on the far right and then on "Manage eBilling" to fill in your registration address. Search for a verification mail to complete the registration. Include in the mail trust mailing lists. The system issues a hard copy invoice for two further invoicing periods. Monthly search for the e-bill mail and file the bill due date for your payments.

Do you have a question about registration? You can use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox browser to set up an online bankroll. Please go to Klick2Gov to sign yourself up and see or pay your electricity bill every single year. Please check the website every months to authorise the transaction. There is no refund for online merchant transactions with Klick2Gov ePayments. In order to pay your bill online each and every Monday, please go to Check2Gov to login to your bank accounts or to set a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

You will need your ID and PIN when you go back to the login page. Your ID is your "ACCOUNT #" (encircled below).

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