G5 Private Jet Price

Private G5 Jet Price

With 65 million dollars, it is the largest, fastest and best private jet available for money. Gulfstream G-V (5) Ultra Long Range Jet is one of the most popular private jets and the workhorse of Private Air Charter. It'?s hard to convince yourself to make the most of private jet travel. This is a breakdown of the annual fixed and direct operating costs for a Gulfstream GVSP private jet.

Typical costs for maintenance of private jets

The Scumonaut, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, boasts of the new G5 Jet - Pulpit & Pen

We have been informed that Copeland "Ministries" or SeaMoney Laundering Inc. has a new G5-jet, which they got "debt-free" according to YouTube-TV. The Gulfstream G550 is one of the most luxury private aircraft out there, surpassed only by its larger sibling, the Gulfstream G650, which begins at $75 million and some small cash.

Each good minister needs his own private jet, right? If you are a bustling "pastor" like Kenneth Copeland, you can't just sit around at an airport waiting to meet other travelers like those other ministers do, can you? Finally, God wants Kenneth Copeland to be able to quickly pass on his own messages to everyone.

Well, at least the ones at copeland ministries would want us to think and believe. What "Pastor" Kopeland is doing with this jet is actually squandering the God-given resource he was given. In his portrayal of deluxe man, copeland is in fact a bad administrator of God's resource and is in sins.

Gulfstream G550 begins at 36 million dollars on avarage. This price does not cover the pilots, the crews, the hangar, petrol and various other essentials to run your aircraft. A mean bracket to keep a Gulfstream G550 will increase the mean from $6,000 per month to $13,000 per months. For the G550, the mean airfares per person are at least US$15,000.

Whilst Copeland will get a substantial blast for the seed company goat, considering that this aircraft can fly at Mach 0.85, can transport 19 passengers and has a 6759 nm airspeed; is this a good use of the resource given to it by Allah? Just the fact that Copeland is publishing a videotape that illuminates the sale of this jet and "believes" in Jesus' name, that the other gear will be made available for him to fly his aircraft, proves what Copeland follows the Lord.

Kopeland follows the Lord of the affluence and not the scriptural Lord of the Scriptures. And if Copeland were really to follow the Lord of the Bibles and be a good administrator of the monies given to him, he would use these 36 million plus dollars to go directly to the advancement of the Lord's realm and not for his own lightness and well being.

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