Can three Angles be Supplementary

Is it possible to add three angles?

You can call it what you want if you want. Is it possible to add two angles if both are right-angled? The sum of two right angles at a point gives a 180° even corner, which is itself a big name. There are two branches of one corner vertical to two branches of another corner. What are the complementary and uniform angles?

Are there rectangular rectangles on the plains? So if the divergence is the right one, which angles are complementary?

How are the angles of two additional angles in the 2:3 relationship? Elbow adapter" what is it? But what are right angles? Is the azimuth square? Which right angles are there? Which is the crucial angular point for a rectangular Prisma? So when the Bisectors of two neighbouring angles are vertical to each other, are the angles additional angles?

Which facts are there about right angles? Whats a helical bevel? Which are orientated angles? Well, what's a deflector? So what's the angularity?

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