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Taxis in Agrate Brianza, Italy. So I always write down the serial number of the invoices before I hand them out. This service was developed by the Italian Taxi Drivers Union (URI, Unione Radiotaxi Italiani). Florence has the numbers for calling a taxi: Neapolitan Radiotaxi numbers (to request a collection) are tel.

By taxi in Naples, Italy

Please use only legal taxi services, either from the following booths or under the radio taxi numbers listed below. Taxi is a service provided by Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Municipio, Piazza Trieste and Trento, Piazza dei Martiri, Piazza Vittoria, Via Partenope, Piazza S. Pasquale/Riviera di Chiaia and Via Mergellina. Neapolitan Radio Taxi numbers (to request a collection) are available at phone.

What should a taxi cost in Naples?

About and the Italian taxi driver

Romance taxi driver competes against Uber for businesses. In Italy there is a little history that tells a great deal about the country: the history of "Uber. "It' s supposed to enable individual car owners to carry passengers in their own vehicles. Supported by a network of multinational financial institutions, the beloved firm is a source of great rage and protests in the two Italian towns where it operates.

Especially angry are the taxi driver from Rome. Several members of this very different group have gone on "night hunts" with over-drivers for amusement and response. There is a vocal levy of riders waiting for travellers with name plates. Whilst the visitor makes it beyond this first line, a second group is waiting: riders wearing dark insignia on their chest shouting: "Do you need a drive, syr?

" And if you're clever enough to get to the taxi line, there's something else to keep in mind: if the taxi is registered in Rome, a trip to the centre will cost a flat fee (40 ?). However, if the taxi is licenced from other cities (such as Fiumicino), you may end up getting twice as much.

An interesting story concerns a young English tourer who wishes to take a taxi from Rome's central railway to Fiumicino. and the next taxi in line was just envious. About is a new contributor to this mayhem. It has fought a far-reaching struggle to spread the word that its services are "the future" and that the final prosperity of the shared economies will not be stopped by these ponderous, preservative taxiers.

About, they say, will reduce taxi expenses, and in the end everyone will be happier. There' s room to debate to what degree about really is representing the futures. It has been customary in Russia since the time of the Soviets to sell foreigners a trip for cash.

Many years ago I arrived in Moscow at 3 a.m. and was finally saved by a privatriver. About shows taxi riders in the news in the context of Italian discomfort: the real incarnation of conservationism that prevents this lovely and tortured land from unfolding its full capacity. I think, however, that it is timely to be on the side of the taxi cabmen.

There is nothing wrong with me, but I also comprehend the taxi drivers' point of view, and it is pertinent. It is not just a labyrinth of uncontrolled competitors that Italian taxi riders face. I wouldn't begin with taxi riders from below if you wanted to boost Italy again. Then I would begin with a thorough de-regulation of insurances and banking to lower the cost of cabs; then I would cut the state petrol duty and possibly also the annual duty on owning a vehicle.

One could then say that taxi riders have the opportunity to "compete fairly" with a business like Uber, which depends on advanced major economy and pay large portions of its tax abroad. Not least, a taxi driver's licence in Rome can cost up to 120,000 euros. By banning Uber completely, Berlin acted differently from Rome.

Berlin's decisions seem to go beyond the dilapidated socialism that has evolved in Moscow and Cuba, with taxi service and room rental for tourist. Mr. Bennett was a consultant for foreign matters at the Italian Ministry of Economy.

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