Private Public Hire Licence

Public Private Rental License

Happy Hackney Carriage and private rentals The Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) is dedicated to providing a secure, reliable and high standard transportation experience through its taxis accreditation policies. Our company is in charge of the licensing: You can call Hackney Carriages, rent them from a cab stand or book them in advance. Dudley licenced cars have a flashing amber license plates attached to the back of the car and a lamp on the front indicating the words "TAXI" or "FOR HIRE" when they can be rented.

Privately rented cars must be prebooked with their operational basis and are marked with plates on the side of the car, indicating their owner and registration number, and a flashing green number on the back of the car. Dudley cab riders will receive two ID cards with photo and driver's license.

Climbing into an unauthorized cab could be highly hazardous and you could put yourself in danger. Please call 01384815101 to call the license or enforcement team. First, please load down the corresponding Word or PDF file of the request document and fill it in. Subsequently, send in your filled out request as well as other documents.

Driving licences may only be issued by the Council if it is convinced that the applicants are a suitable individual to have a private rental or driving licence. Send a filled out request together with two photos and one photograph ID card. Applicants should have been in possession of a full British driving licence entitling them to operate a car for at least two years.

Furthermore, non-UK nationals must present a good character record (DBS equivalent) drawn up by an agent in their country of nationality and prove that they are entitled to work in the United Kingdom. Prospective private hire and hackney license holders are obliged to explain any sentences imposed on them, as well as any sentences suffered.

Publication of a penal record or other information does not preclude an appellant from obtaining a licence unless the conviction(s) is deemed to make the appellant "unfit and appropriate" to possess a licence. When taking decisions, the Council will take into account the type of crime and the public security implications of the crime or the information revealed.

Information you submit to the License Division will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. A DBS test can be performed via any PC or laptop equipped with an on-line DBS test through access to the web. Note that you must fill in your full job description completely, as partially filled out job descriptions cannot be stored.

When you are not directed to the "Launch new application" page, click on "Launch application" in the " DISCLOSURE AND BARRING (DBS) APPLICATION" box to get into the system and launch your one. When creating your access data, please pay attention to the upper and lower case letters. If you do not check the checkbox in the field below, your request will be rejected and you will have to restart the recruitment procedure.

As soon as you have filled out the on-line registration form, you will need to make an appointment with an ID checker on the licensing team to verify your ID as part of the DBS registration. The applicant is obliged to carry out a health screening when applying for his first authorisation. Any driver between the ages of 19 and 45 will then be exempted from repeated examinations unless their state of health changes and they are obliged to notify both the DVLA and the licensing authority.

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