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See the main types of private jet travel, learn how on-demand charter works, and how a private jet broker can be a trusted resource. The Private Jet Charter Industry is Feeling the Effects of Pilot Shortages Wherever you board a private jet charter, you can always rely on a cordial welcome from the driver (two if you're on Stratos Jet Charters). However, our industry today faces a very serious problem: there are not enough drivers to drive around at the present time. Both civil and corporate air travel are affected by this worrying uptrend.

There is the question: Where did all the planes go? Whilst many airline companies have now called back airline drivers who were hurled a dozen years ago, many have abandoned the industry to embark on different careers. Many smaller short-haul operators and low-cost operators are already aware of this deficit and are obliged to change their service and operation, including:

Sometimes local carriers replace smaller, under-utilised planes in their fleet with planes with higher capacity in order to maximise the number of seats they can carry with their available aviators. Large US airline companies are discontinuing at a pace not seen since September 11.

Wherever they were once able to choose the most knowledgeable and qualified pilot to fill job openings, they are now compelled to lower their standard. To increase staffing levels, many large carriers are trying hard to get private jet charterers and smaller local carriers out of the market.

In tempting corporate air travelers to work for them, merchant carriers know that they are getting a well-trained staff member. The majority of private owners demand that their pilot meets the highest standard of skill and education. Indeed, many private jet planes begin as corporate carrier planes before they enter the jet charter industry.

In addition, we demand from Stratos Jet Charters that the carriers we work with comply with our own security standards. Pilots, for example, must be in command: The First Officers must also comply with strict educational standards. For more information about our pilots' education, please see our article: Commercial jet pilots: Time in Type is important for the security of Air Charter.

However, the current situation is reversed, with those carriers that recognise the need for more pilot numbers providing better payment and incentive. Based on the results of its yearly Compensation Survey, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has released an paper that compares the compensation of pilot of commercial air carriers and corporate jets. Dependent on the airplane model and model, an older skipper who flies a corporate jet in 2017 made between 106, 536 and 176,288 dollars.

American Airlines reported that an Allied Air Force member was earning between $239,363 and $298,972 dollars, according to the Allied Pilot Association, based on the sizes of the planes. The need to increase wages to recruit and keep airline drivers, as you would anticipate, will impact the bottom line of any business. It should be noted, however, that airline wages are only a small part of the total cost of a charter business, the biggest of which is petrol.

The higher wage and performance package prices mean that every pilots wants to work for an air carrier. A number of things are often ignored when pilots for a commercial air carrier are compared. The most important one is the plane itself. Generally, most private aircrafts, especially those that are state-of-the-art, are lighter to operate due to their sophisticated electronic system.

In addition, smaller corporate aircraft can also reach smaller aerodromes, allowing the pilot to travel to different locations. Because customers choose the itinerary, they always fly on new routes. So if you like a little change in your lives, controlling a private jet charter might be the way to go.

A further point to consider is that many charter planes take place in natural light and are relatively brief. At the end of the flight, pilots can often go home again, according to the airplane that you are piloting. One good example would be if a flyer would take a group of leaders to a get-together outside the city and bring them home the same time.

Boeing Pilot Outlook 2017 predicts that North America will need an extra 117,000 new aircraft over the next 20 years to keep pace with anticipated market demands. This number does not cover the private jet charter industry. In order to put this into the right light, according to 2017 U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) there are currently 159,825 ATP-certified pilot in the USA.

7% of what the Boeing reports says the aviation industry will need by 2036. With airlines expanding their service and fleet to meet consumer demands, pilot numbers are increasing more than ever. In the private domain, this tendency will be reflected by an increasing number of providers and intermediaries.

Not only the USA has a deficit of this type of pilots. There is a world wide problem of a scarcity of skilled professional aircraft, and the Boeing Review estimate that a further 637,000 aircraft will be needed around the world to satisfy increasing demands. Asia -Pacific will be the largest market and will require an expected 253,000 aircraft over the next two decades. 253,000 aircraft will be piloted in this area.

Private aeronautics must become more pro-active in order to win its equitable shares of newcomers. These include not only those who have already opted for air travel as their profession, but also those who are starting their careers but have not yet decided on a careers pathway.

It begins with telling today's young people that there are well-paid positions in the jet charter industry. This means that we develop our own outdoor learning programmes where industry leading people attend educational institutions and draw their attention to the careers they expect in our area. For each charter aircraft we organise, we carry out security checks and only work with airlines whose pilot is qualified to the highest standard.

For private or group charter arrangements, please call Stratos Jet Charters at (888) 593-9066. Jet charter representatives are available around the clock to offer you several private jet offers for your on-demand outing.

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