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The new Facebook Flight Ads allow advertising companies to search specifically for passengers on trip pages, applications, etc. A new Facebook ad has been developed specifically for airline companies and airfare applications aimed at travellers looking for travel. With the new flying ad, carriers can tailor their advertisements outside the advertiser's web attributes and Facebook page on the basis of a user's visit to flight-related Facebook pages, Web sites and applications.

The new advertisements, previously referred to as flights advertising dynamics, allow marketers to go beyond the existing re-targeting campaign, which restricted advertisements to clients who had accessed the airline's website or application. Facebook de Von, Christine Warner, responsable des voyages aux √Čtats-Unis : Knowing how important it is for travelers to get the right person with the right messages, depends on where a traveller is on their way.

Expanding our flagship aircraft ads solutions, airlines are now able to reaching more Facebook users who have voiced their itineraries - from new clients who are still choosing a destinations to those who know where they want to go and zero on a particular trip.

Using the example of someone who visits several websites of air carriers and airfare applications, Facebook calculated the cost of a vacation to Mexico and explained how air carriers can now use flights ad to contact these individuals and display advertisements showing related airfare and information. "Moreover, travellers who have visited a travel-related Facebook page but have not yet selected a tourist destination can see an ad to go to the website of an airline," Facebook said on Thursday in his blogs.

The Facebook site has permitted a small number of operators to try the new flight advertisements, among them Air France and Hopper, a fare application. The Air France company, which brought the target traffic to its site with its advertisements, recorded a 66% decrease in cost per keyword query. The Hopper company saw a decrease in installation cost for apps and an increase in commitment rate as a consequence of flight ad.

Flight Ads will be available to all marketers worldwide through the Instagram and Audience Network platforms in the next few months, says Facebook.

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