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Taxi Ivoire Service

Find other taxis in New York on YP.com. In Côte d'Ivoire, Africab offers a unique service based on the following principles:...

. Receive directions, reviews and information for Ivoire Car Service in New York, NY. The Ivory Taxi range is available for immediate booking only. The Ivoire Car Service operates in the field of local passenger transport.

In Abidjan, frequent urban taxi services are abundant and relatively cheap, but are often kept in bad condition. Some of the cabs have a counter system in place, but they are not used. Instead, the fare for the trip is discussed and arranged before boarding the taxi.

It' s uncommon for a taxi rider to be able to speak English, so it's a good idea to be able to indicate your route on your mobile or at least your route in French. A 15-20 minute journey will cost about 2 000 car FRA between 2 districts (municipalities), but it may differ depending on the hours of the morning and the expected volume of use.

If you do not have small invoices for the payment of the ticket, it is also very important to notify the chauffeur in writing. So, if you only carry a 10,000 CFA bill, let them know before you enter the taxi to make sure they can give you the right exchange.

Coming to Abidjan, you will quickly see the different colours of the taxi cabs related to the different municipalities and services: These are the most frequent and have the right to travel anywhere in the town. Almost at any hour of the morning, in almost every part of the town, you are never too far away from a reddish-orange taxi.

Municipal cabs (yellow, blue, green) -- These are localized to Woro-woros. Of course these are much less expensive as you split the price, but the cabs are often in a very poor state and there are safety hazards - pickpocketing from travelers is known. There are new businesses in additon to the normal taxi services that are similar to Uber or Lyft that offer the collection of taxi services wherever you are.

These are particularly useful for booking a pick-up or drop-off service from the airports in anticipation. TaxisJet is a taxi service that connects to many cabs in the town and sends you the closest taxi in your area. Booking a taxi can be done either on-line, over the telephone, or through the app available at the Apple Retail and Google Player Stores.

In Côte d'Ivoire Africab provides a service that is based on the following principles: New 100 cabs in the Abidjan Municipality with counters and computer equipment connected to a call centre for the security and comfort of clients.

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