Jet Airways Flight Fares Domestic

Domestic Jet Airways fares

Never before have Jet Airways flights been so cheap! Up to 30% off new national and internation airline ticket sales at Jet Airways. It also said that this does not apply to trips to Toronto and one-way economy trips from Calcutta to Dhaka. Jet Airways offers this rebate on flights to other countries after 17 July, but must begin on or after 5 November 2018 for flights to Manchester. Special offers on flights to other countries are available on request.

We also offer up to 25% off the basic price in Business on selected domestic services. The number of places on offer in this sales offer has not been announced by Jet Airways. In the first six month of the year 6.8 passenger were transported by domestic carriers, compared to 5.6 passenger in the same quarter last year, which corresponds to an increase of 21.95%.

Airways has ordered 75 more Boeing 737 Maxs. Jet Airways ordered 75 Boeing 737 Maxs in 2015 and added a further 75 at the beginning of the year. Another full-service airline, Vistara, has developed a sales of lightning monsoons in a special offering.

The Vistara bietet offers en classe économique Tarife ab GS 1.299 and above Vistara, en classe économique Tarife ab GS 2.449 et en classe affaires Tarife ab GS 6.099. Vistara offers are valid for trips between 25 July 2018 and 11 October 2018. The number of places made available under this promotion has not been announced by Vistara.

Monsun is a meager time of year for airline companies in India and they come with discount ticketing for promotional leaflets. Low cost airline AirAsia India has introduced up to 30% discount on domestic flights. AirAsia India's special fares can be booked until 22 July 2018 and are valid for trips from 17 July to 30 November 2018.

With AirAsia you can fly to Kuala Lumpur from towns like Bhubaneswar and Visakhapatnam for only 3.999 RM.

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