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Note that this request form is for Orange County only. Our professional, uniformed drivers, our clean, safe vehicles and superior technology will ensure that you will never find a better taxi experience anywhere. Take a Taxi - 61 Reviews - Taxis - 2301 E Church St, Frankford, Philadelphia, PA - Phone Number

After such an opportunity that I had as long as I am in the actual car, I know that the taxi firm whose name is her telephone number is the only one I will turn to. Losing your cell phones will cause you to go through all the movements of anxiety and disorder.

Exactly there my brain ran, as soon as I got out of a common crossing to a boyfriend, felt my trouser pockets and found out that my mobile was not in it! Luckily, I had some credit on my Skype and was able to login and call Trestle Inn to verify that it was my characters who found it.

However, they closed at 1:00 in the morning for the night, which means I could either collect it in less than an hours or collect it the next morning at 17:00, which was not an optional extra! Luckily 215 Get A Cab with her telephone number as her name made it an easier one to recall while I was in distress!

In less than a moment I spoke to an appreciativeispatcher, who was very kind, knew my precise position through my own experiences (sometimes it is useful to live in Cheesesteak Vegas!), and in less than five moments could bring the next rider outside my doors! He was an incredibly awesome guy who was easily to speak to and who quickly recognised the short timeframe in which I had to act.

I was back in the cash in no more than 10 min before their end, and I got a fast drive back to the home base. Ruthlessly, the taxi rider tried to run up the counter by slowly moving as he approached my neighbourhood. Spoke on the telephone while he was traveling, ignoring the street.

I' ll try to stay away from this firm. Quickly the trucker came out and put everything in the boot. You also have an application that allows you to select certain cabrivers. Well, anyway, my cabbie was a really good fellow today. Normally, I have to show the rider around on the backways.

He was also a really good rider and had a great character. Unfortunately, he wasn't the best rider. Otherwise the rider was great! All in all I had a great taxi rider who really made my drive home better! Your chauffeur also declined to give me all my cash.

No matter if we took a 215 taxi in front of the guesthouse or a taxi (3 times), they were right there. It went very fast and the riders were all cute. Horrible taxi business. Calling the firm to tell them he's ruthless, the dispatcher just hung up.

The taxi reached me perfect on schedule and, as anticipated, took me to my final destinations perfect. Tonight I phoned and asked for a taxi to go to the railway yard. I see the rider picking up another car on the way to meet me and driving off.

It was great the guy who picked me up, but if the taxi company is competing, that kind of thing shouldn't happen. Also, some chauffeurs are lying and saying that they phoned when they were outside, which is not the case, you will still be more than an hours wait for a taxi.

That is the second problem I had with this one particular agent answering your telephone. In the first place, she responds to the telephone as if she hated her work. Call ing your firm at 6:13. I will make it my business to come to the real business to see when my order was submitted, because I believe that this lady is submitting my order too late for whatever reasons.

More than 5 weekdays I use your taxi, but because of this problem I will not drive with you anymore. I' m still awaiting this woman to tell me at 6:25 that the taxi is on its way. Don't call this taxi company if you need to be somewhere at a certain point in between.

As I phoned to verify that they had my enquiry, I was informed that they had no booking for me. Again I phoned a few moments before my planned pick-up and was informed that the rider was around the edge. Twenty-minute later, the cab still hasn't got here. Tried to call the dispatchers during those 20 min and couldn't get through.

I can' believe a lot of folks are gonna call at this point. I got a call from the traffic controller on the way to the terminal and she said the chauffeur was at the wrong adress. I' m quite sure that was a lying, because why didn't anyone call me during the 20 minute wait?

and he walked over me and said he only accepted money. It' s currently 28 outside and really has no room for it. Then I called a cab, had the cab stop, asked where I was going, then said, "&uck the Dog".

lf l could give this firm a badge, l'd do it! Poorest cab rank ever. You don't want a sore head, find another place!

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