Taxi Jet Abidjan

Taxicab Jet Abidjan

Three Ivorian entrepreneurs have instead come up with their own version, the TaxiJet. Stay stylish this weekend by traveling with the TaxiJet! homepage Elements with which the means of payment are discussed between you as the person responsible and presented to the customers for feedback. It is sometimes complicated for us who work in professions that start late or end late to enter with the taxis we all know. Many of them suffer from aggression, which sometimes leads to tragedies.

Taxis Jet is a good move, especially in a country where uncertainty is at its peak. It would therefore be interesting and even useful to find other ways to develop such a good notion.

The new Abidjan car service inspires by Uber

Uber, the U.S. on-line taxi operator, runs a portable application that allows smartphone users to take advantage of the taxi booking facilities of Uber customers using their own vehicles. Since last year at least four Uber-like automobile sevices have been introduced. The striking Abidjan cabs in bright green have been passing through the zigzag network for years.

Jean-Louis Zahibo, a television manufacturer, jumps into the vehicle he ordered in front of his home while the chauffeur is closing the doors behind him. "it' unlikely I'll get it back. All vehicles are monitored at all time at Taxijet's head office.

Started last June, the services now receive around 100 reservations per workday. The majority of Taxijet's 500 riders use their own conventional orangutans. However, the business has started to extend its own fleets of non-marked cars to cover market demands. Influenced by the Uber U.S. reservation agency, Taxijet co-founder Parfait Ouattara thought that some Côte d'Ivoire were willing to spend a little more on better services.

In the last year and a half, three other transport operators in Abidjan have placed similar wagers and proposed various tariffs and luxurious classes. Driving the unsigned vehicles of one of these routes will cost on averaging 50 per cent more than driving a conventional red taxi. The entrepreneur Vangsy Goma started his Africab business in Abidjan at the beginning of the year.

Although the Congo businessman is planning to grow throughout Africa and especially in his home county, he decided to set up in Abidjan. Africanab has already had to redouble its fleets. What does that mean for the thousand of anthracite cabs in the town? Doctor Diaby of the taxi trade unions said they are trying to upgrade the services.

A few cabs now have tracker now. Some are repairing their counters, although many riders still choose to bargain. Mr Diaby said that the trade unions had asked for a meet-up with the Ministry of Transport to debate service for new cars, but he was not too concerned about it. Concerning the infamous ruthless taxi driver behavior, Diaby said that this is unlikely to happen.

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